From the Leader's Office: 40-day Prayer and Fasting Crusade

From the Leader's Office: 40-day Prayer and Fasting Crusade
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The goal of the 2021 ministry 40-day fasting and prayer crusade is the accomplishment of our God-revealed goal of Phase 3 which is to establish one million house churches of between 50-100 members each led by one million leaders who obey the Bertoua prophecy and who also use it to disciple those in the house churches!






Precious and Beloved Co-worker

Praise the Lord!

It is good to praise the Lord and make music to your name, O Most High, to proclaim your love in the morning and your faithfulness at night, to the music of the ten-stringed lyre and the melody of the harp. For you make me glad by your deeds, O Lord; I sing for joy at the works of your hands. How great are your works, O Lord, how profound your thoughts! Psalm 92:1-5, NIV

Indeed, the Lord has done great and mighty things for us and in our midst and we should celebrate Him.

  • Our numbers have kept growing to almost 3.7 million in 120 nations in spite of the Covid-19 crisis and the global impact of this pandemic!
  • The students, youth and children are emerging. Braving all the hazards, they have embraced the vision and are actively running with it in many nations: France, Canada, Cameroon, Nigeria, Senegal, just to name a few!
  • The leaders have creatively adapted various means to hold meetings and render ministry and maintain church life. This has been done through electronic and social media; the increasing proliferation of house churches; family churches and costly pastoral visits.
  • And funds! Money has kept coming in to meet the needs for allowances, various cost of missions and overheads at the base. Building and development of infrastructure at the Headquarters continued. In addition, there has been the multiplication of auxiliary bases such as in Ivory Coast, Canada, Nigeria, France and other places. All this at a time when the world is going through an unprecedented economic depression and slow down!

God has preserved and protected the lives of many and healed and saved many leaders and the brethren. He also honoured us through the painful death of some of our core leaders and pillars. Their death at the forefront of the battle has become a sacrifice before the Lord and an inspiration to multitudes of the young, who are emerging in leadership and responsibility. And surely God has done much for you and in you, and through you and others whom you know closely. God has done much in the church where you are or in other churches and nations that are part of our work that you know!

Praise and celebrate the Lord!!!

Joshua says, Not one of all the Lord’s good promises to the house of Israel failed; everyone was fulfilled (Joshua 21:45, Joshua 23:14). All the good promises of the Lord for Israel through Moses were fulfilled under Joshua’s leadership and the leadership of those Moses had built up in leadership. So join us to pray that every good promise that God has made to our ministry and every prophecy given through Zach Fomum would be fulfilled! God is taking us into a season of the fulfilment of every prophecy and promise that He has made to our Work and even to individuals through His servant Zach FOMUM! Lay hold on God for His promises to you and to us as a community. Proclaim them and enter into their fulfilment and accomplishment. Arise like Caleb and ensure the accomplishment of God’s promises to you, your church, your work or nation through His servant (Joshua 14:9-11). Bring out all the prophecies and promises of God to you and to our ministry in your keeping.

  • Proclaim them!
  • Believe them!
  • Embrace them and claim them and see the great and mighty hand of the Lord!!!

The Lord has called a season of fasting, prayer, intercession, praise and repentance for all who are part of CMFI from October 18, 2021 to November 26, 2021. Team up with God and with us during this 40-day fasting period, in fasting and praying individually and also collectively. Each one should pray and fast according to their ability and faith. The goal is to pray collectively for 500 hours at the Base and in 100 other churches or nations.

The goal of the ministry fasting and prayer crusade is the accomplishment of our God-revealed goal of Phase 3 which is to establish one million house churches of between 50-100 members each led by one million leaders who obey the Bertoua prophecy and who also use it to disciple those in the house churches!

We want to cry out to God for 1,000 critical leaders who will work hard to raise and produce other leaders and establish the house churches. The emergence of these leaders will ensure that the goal is accomplished and we become a great and mighty nation that God can use for His Revival purposes in our generation, especially during these depressing times.

The Lord has promised, “The least of you will become a thousand, the smallest a mighty nation. I am the Lord; in its time I will do this rapidly” (Isaiah 60:22).

May the Lord multiply us as a nation (Isaiah 26:15). When God was about to accomplish His promises to Abraham, the children of Israel multiplied in Egypt (Acts 7:17).

Let us cry out to God to multiply us into a mighty spiritual nation so that God can use us as an organ for His Revival purposes in this generation.

Pray with us as follows:

  1. That all in our ministry would believe and be committed personally to the goal of Phase 3 of our work.
  2. That the Prophecy of Santa Cruz would continue to be obeyed as God’s programme of normalization for everyone in our ministry, both the backslidden and the prodigal sons who are returning to God and to the ministry.
  3. That all the leaders and members of CMFI will adopt the Bertoua Prophecy as a programme of personal growth, the edification of the house churches and the making of disciples during Phase 3.
  4. That God would raise 1,000 critical leaders of the Phase 3 Goal who will labour for the accomplishment of the Goal. We are praying for leaders like Paul Bello who laboured for the accomplishment of the goal of Phase 2.
  5. That the youth and the university students, who have committed themselves to be the “Judah” tribe of CMFI and take entire responsibility for the success of Phase 3 will live out this commitment.
  6. That God would continue to reveal to our leaders His creative ways, methods, and strategies to hold meetings and carry out ministry.
  7. That God will perform mighty miracles, signs, wonders, provisions, and transformations in our ministry to advance the accomplishment of the Goal of Phase 3.
  8. That God would protect our leaders from death, sin and backsliding, and independence so that the success already attained does not destroy the accomplishment of the overall goal of Phase 3.
  9. That thousands of leaders would be raised and established in every church to disciple the many house churches that are being established.
  10. That the books, tracts, literature, and other ministry materials would be abundantly produced and that new missionaries would continue to be sent out locally, nationally and internationally!

Pray on as the Lord leads you!

Get in contact with us at Headquarters so that we battle together.

The Lord has won our victory, let us win His victory.

Your brother and servant,

 Theodore Andoseh

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