Day 16: 2022 Fasting, Praise & Prayer Crusade - A Recap

Day 16: 2022 Fasting, Praise & Prayer Crusade - A Recap
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The message of brother Theodore during the 16th Night of the Fasting Praise and Prayer Crusade, was two-fold.  First, brother Theodore briefly shared on the need to plan. After leading some brethren to pray out the projects they are to accomplish during the new month in line with Proverbs 16: 3, brother Theodore outlined his year plan for 2023.

This will include: 

  • three 40-day fasts coupled with a prayer crusade each;
  • three retreats of 14 days,
  • three retreats of 10 days,
  • three retreats of 5 days.

The leader further said that all who claim to have received a call from God, should beg to do something for Him, and enjoy it. He added that when the service of God is no more enjoyable, God opens exit doors for such people to enjoy freedom to the extent that they will look for something to do for God and not find it.

Commenting further, brother Theodore explained that each one gets to the destination where their choices have led them. To those who truly want to serve God, God gives a lot of opportunities, while those who look for success out of God’s service are also offered many opportunities in this sense.


Secondly, Brother emphasized further on the need to truly come back to the making of disciples the Master’s way. He specified that this is more difficult than teaching disciple-making to a new person. This state of affairs in our community, the leader said, is due to the fact that the word disciple has become void of meaning, because people have gotten used to the current way of doing things.

He made it clear that the first and general way of making disciples is the responsibility of all of us. This consists in building a person until he matures and starts multiplying. Such disciples, brother Theodore, said are not your disciples, they belong to the church. In the second way, that is the intentional making of disciples, you choose among those trained in the first way and train them intentionally in view of something that you clearly spell out. Today, the situation is such that those who were made disciples have not made disciples but they have disciples, brother Theodore explained, as he led the saints to pray that we come back to true disciple making.

As from tomorrow, brother Theodore said, we will start praying that our leaders will start building our spiritual nation the way David built Israel.



  1. Disciples of the Jesus-Christ to make disciples for Jesus-Christ
  2. Personal Spiritual Revival
  3. The Ministry of Fasting
  4. Life-Changing Thoughts on Fasting (Vol 1)
  5. Practical Helps in Fasting Long Fasts
  6. Building a Spiritual Nation


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