Day 17: 2022 Fasting, Praise & Prayer Crusade - A Recap

Day 17: 2022 Fasting, Praise & Prayer Crusade - A Recap
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During the 17th night of the Fasting Praise and Prayer Crusade, brother Theodore introduced, or rather gave a glimpse at the next point on the programme of his slot: learning from David how to he built Israel, so as to build our spiritual nation.

Before diving into this, brother Theodore emphasized on the need imitate the Master in the making of disciples. Once more, he dwelt on the intentional making of disciples and, on the fact that your ministry should cost something to those who are your disciples. This was done using various illustration.

 To give a glimpse at David as a nation builder, pastor Theodore, led the saints to read in Psalm 78:72. From the passage, the speaker highlighted the instruments of leadership. He said “We lead with hearts and with hands.”

Talking about building the nation with hearts, pastor Theodore said those who build the nation with their hearts are people of integrity. He said integrity means having one heart and following something specific. In other words, anyone with is double-minded cannot partake in the building of the great spiritual nation. The Leader further illustrated it using the prayer of Moses to God that He raises a man that will go out and come in before His people. By this, as the leader commented, Moses meant that God should raise a man whose life is before the people, a man that has no public and private life, a man that has no hidden sin, no secrets.

David also led the nation of Israel with skilful hands, brother Theodore continued. Indeed, he had earlier worked as shepherd for his father. From this, brother Theodore explained that those who aspire to leadership should be people who have had a history of faithfulness in practical things about life. He who has not succeeded in real daily life will likely not succeed in doing the things he aspires to do for God, he added. Developing this point further, he said, the call of God in one's life is equivalent to what the person was committed to prior to his encounter with God. Examples of such include the apostles who were fishermen and became fishers of men.

With this, the leader gave a glimpse at David as an outstanding nation-builder.



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    Patrick Uadiale · 22 days ago
    God is winning, may all that he planned for us come to pass in Jesus name amen.

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