Day 2: 2022 Fasting, Praise & Prayer Crusade - A Recap

Day 2: 2022 Fasting, Praise & Prayer Crusade - A Recap
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Fasting is for a Goal. What makes fasting a noble and acceptable sacrifice is what we fast for, and we fast for the advancement of the Gospel, for the work of the Holy Spirit, we fast so that the works of Satan in us and in others be destroyed.

Those are the introductory words of brother Theodore Andoseh on the 2nd day of the 2022 Fasting, Praise and Prayer Crusade. 

Explaining the statement “The Goal has started forging the Zach Fomum spiritual nation” in the circular letter of the fast. The leader outlined the stages that the ministry has gone through to date. He said our Ministry started with a man, a life—brother Zach—who produced a ministry through his capacity to give God to men in various ways as a result of his relationship with God and service to Him. This Ministry, which has become also our Ministry grew into a church—the church in Yaounde. As churches were planted in different localities, the church produced a Work. The Work grew to become a Community, which has expanded into a Movement. When such a movement continues to grow with common collective characteristics, it can become a spiritual nation. As a matter of fact, our Community has become a movement of movements—a missionary movement, a literature movement, a prayer movement, etc. And if the movement grows, having as a common characteristic, the seeking of God according to the Bertoua Message, we will become a spiritual nation.

Brother Theodore emphasized that we need both quality and quantity as far as the goal is concerned. The pursuit of God will produce the former while the pursuit of the goal will yield the latter. These twin pursuits, both at the individual and cooperate levels are our navigational coordinates to give God what He expects of us—qualitative and quantitative results. He further specified that it is this felt need in the pursuit of God and the immediate vectors in the pursuit of the Goal that has crystallised into the burden of each of the ministry fast year after year, since 2009.

On this note, brother Theodore proceeded to spell out the burden of the current 40-day Ministry praise, prayer and fasting Crusade:

He explained that the burden of the fast is the rapid accomplishment of the goal of Phase 3, by offering God a leadership organ at all levels.

  1. At the level of House churches, a body of pastors committed to the same goal.
  2. At the level of the work in the field (that is the different provinces) a body of workers, and
  3. When the work has spread to the whole nation, a body of leaders.
  4. And as the Lord raises teams around leaders, a body of co-workers who work with a leader in the framework of a relationship.
  5. In our movement, a body of missionaries.
  6. And in our Vision, a body of friends who are carrying the Vision in the spirit of the leader and have made it theirs.

Pastor Theodore, therefore, castigated obstacles that stand in the way of this leadership organ and hinder God from giving us the great things He has in store for us. These include disloyalty, hyper-individualism, egotism, etc.

He further called the saints to emulate the Lord Jesus’ inner discipline. Indeed, He focused on the Goal and spoke only what the Father asked Him to say and how He wants Him to say it as shown in John 12:47-50.

Note that during the praise and celebration slot, Sister Henriette Mbarga led the community to praise and celebrate the Lord for the man Zach Fomum, who, like John the Baptist testified to the light and today we are becoming the Zach Fomum spiritual nation.

Earlier on, the Strategic Prayer Centre and the Bertoua House of Prayer for all Nations were at their watch, praying for the presence of God and the objectives of the Crusade. After brother Theodore, the prayer crusade continued with the other slots as spelt out in the programme right to 10 am.



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  2. The Ministry of Fasting
  3. Life-Changing Thoughts on Fasting (Vol 1)
  4. Practical Helps in Fasting Long Fasts
  5. Building a Spiritual Nation

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    Praise to God, we are becoming a spiritual nation. Amen. 

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