Day 30: 2022 Fasting, Praise & Prayer Crusade - A Recap

Day 30: 2022 Fasting, Praise & Prayer Crusade - A Recap
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The message of brother Theodore during the 30th night of the fasting praise and prayer Crusade was a brief outline of leadership might as developed by David in the building of the Kingdom of Israel.

He explained that a strong leader should develop his strong points and complete his weak points, blind points and average points with competent people who have a life time of experience. Brother Theodore illustrated it with David who left from a shepherd to become, king, an architect, an engineer, a statesman, a song writer, an excellent musician, a spiritual architect. However, when he was faced with the betrayal of Ahithophel, he knew whom to send; and Hushai brought him a great victory. To emphasize further, brother Theodore took the example of the mighty king Xerxes who had all powers, as it were, but was fully aware he did not have all wisdom. Therefore, to solve his household problems he consulted 7 wise men. Again, king Darius fasted and cried a all night, because he did not want to lose a critical co-worker in the person of Daniel. On this, the leader commented that people don’t have men because they don’t want, and they don’t want because they don’t know what is at stakes. Brother Theodore, however, castigated the wrong attitude that consists in being exalted by a leader and taking it for granted. He said, pride is the first manifestation of stupidity, and its heritage is eternal downfall.

To conclude, Brother Theodore highlighted that there are some who look for money, some who look for knowledge, others who look for power, yet the greatest are those who seek to produce men for men. He then led the crusaders to pray that God will raise and give us people who build leaders.



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