Day 39: 2022 Fasting, Praise & Prayer Crusade - A Recap

Day 39: 2022 Fasting, Praise & Prayer Crusade - A Recap
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On this 39th night of the Fasting, Praise and Prayer Crusade, brother Theodore emphasized again the genius of Samuel in building a spiritual nation. He explained that Samuel first built himself into a man that God could use to build the nation, and chose the instruments to build Israel.

Brother Theodore noted that, one thing Samuel was outstanding in is the grooming of kings, of leaders who are full of the Holy Spirit. Expounding on this, the leader said that the building of men is the prime work of the Holy Spirit and He does it through the circumstances of our lives. However, many have people escape from this school and want to reconfigure the circumstances of their lives, and this to their own undoing. Hence the prayer That God will raise many nation builders in our ministry

Pursuing with an overview of Samuel’s genius in building that nation of Israel, brother Theodore highlighted that even when Samuel was removed from public leadership by congregational vote, he remained the leader, the spiritual authority in Israel till his death. And as he was removed from public leadership Samuel withdrew in Naioth, and there he continued to build the nation of Israel by doing two things:

  • First he continued intercession for the nation and created a school of prophets to train people who know God, who are prophets themselves, so that after he is gone, the nation will not be left in a state where there no voice of God, as was the case when he was born;
  • And Samuel built a throne, an altar for God through worship and praise.

And his work impacted the nation even long after him.

Brother Theodore explained that our auxiliary bases are to be Naioths, not structures, chairs, halls, but sanctuaries, altars erected for God through prayer, praise, fasting; and schools to train prophets, people who walk with God in truth.

The leader concluded by saying that what Samuel did is at our reach, because it boils down to walking with God. If we all walk with God, not for accountability, but in the way brother Zach did, encountering God every day, we will be able to produce what Samuel did.

The slot was also the opportunity to thank God for a few topics, including

  • Those that God has enabled to fast
  • For the crusade here in the Headquarters, where the organisation has enabled us to pray 814 hours thus far
  • For the 411 places where brethren are praying in the nations, some praying 1h.30min, others 20hours.
  • For the 1281 hours of daily of volume of prayer produce in the nation and a total of about 50 thousand hours of prayer produced from nations so far
  • For all the prayer topics raised to God in the different nations that are praying, especially the praying for their nations.

Sister Esther Kouonang also took some time to briefly teach the brethren on how to break their fasts safely.



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  6. Building a Spiritual Nation: The Foundation
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