Day 6: 2022 Fasting, Praise & Prayer Crusade - A Recap

Day 6: 2022 Fasting, Praise & Prayer Crusade - A Recap
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Brother Theodore, on the 6th night of the Prayer, Praise and Fasting Crusade, started his message with an insightful reading of the current world situation from the passage of Daniel 2: 34 to 35 and 44 to 45. This passage, he said, gave him much encouragement. Indeed the passage talks of a rock that cut out, but not by human hand, and broke to pieces the iron, the clay, the bronze, the silver the gold which became like chaff blown away.

If the rock kingdom must grow, the other kingdoms must be crushed and blown away. If the Kingdom of God must grow, all other kingdoms must crumble. They must be crushed to powder, commented Brother Theodore.

Such kingdoms, he added, include

  • Personal kingdoms (I.e. self-seeking, the kingdom of self, those who are building personal kingdoms), and
  • All coalitions at national, subregional regional, and global scales.

Therefore, the leader added, the current world situation with all the convolutions, (the crumbling of old coalitions, the vanishing dream of a global village, the general instability in international relations, the precarious peace) represent for us, children of the Kingdom, the favourable time to work as never before.

These are the days of His power, the time to evangelise, a time of the growth of the Kingdom of God, a time to discipline your stomach to fast, and to pray at night, Brother Theodore further commented.

He thus called each one to give up their egocentric, tribalistic, nationalist pursuits and work for the growth of the Kingdom of God, for to the growth of His Kingdom there will be no end.

Pastor Theodore, then proclaimed and led the saints to proclaim the first verses of the Lord Jesus’ teaching on prayer in Mathew 6:9-10.

“Our Father in Heaven, hallowed be your name, your kingdom come, your will be done on earth, on all the nations of earth as it is in heaven.”

If you are looking for your name, if you are building your own Kingdom, if you are doing your own will, you are antichrist, underscored the leader.

Our purpose, our goal, our labour, is make one name known, it is to establish Jesus as Lord, to do His will, said brother Theodore as he specified that the encouragement is shared not for our indulgence, but for you and I to work.

He explained, that there are so many names in the air. The name of our God is the name that must be known. There are many kingdoms, but we are labourers of His Kingdom; we are doers of His will, agents of His Kingdom.

The speaker then clarified that times like these give us a unique opportunity to labour for the spread of the Gospel and the growth of the Kingdom of God.  Let us do it, he enjoined.

He pursued by saying that the fasting and prayer crusade goes beyond our ministry, beyond the goal of Phase 3. Brother Theodore explained that we are labouring so that the testimony of Heaven will be that, when nations were in convolutions, the people of God prayed. He backed this up from the Scriptures with Isaiah 22:12-14, commenting that there is a time to fast. When things are bad, said brother Theodore, the Lord expects His children to pray, fast, turn to Him to change things. Yet some children of God as, the passage shows, are atheist, they say what else can we do, let’s eat and drink for tomorrow we die. And as the Scriptures reveal, the Lord will not forgive this sin for their whole life.

At this point, brother Theodore explained that in his personal moment with God in the morning, as he was weighing the fast before God because many had grown weary, the Lord told him that this is a time when Heaven should bear the testimony that in time of peril there is a people that answered to the call of their time; they cooperated with God despite their weakness, and in spite of their babbling they were there to say: “Father thy Kingdom come, thy will be done in the nations of earth as it is in Heaven”.

The leader, further commented that there are many mad and possessed people and the situation in the world is very precarious. Before these ones, we are impotent, but God is omnipotent, He reigns and He holds the hearts of kings in His hand.

Brother Theodore concluded his message with prayer that the Lord will strengthen the hands and wills that have grown weary and that this fast will become a joy, to know that when things were falling apart, the Lord had a people who prayed and fasted.

It should be noted that the current state of affairs at the global level is predicted in the Rhema 2021. This was indeed read, proclaimed and prayed through in the next slot: Prayer for the accomplishment of the goal of Phase 3.




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