Day 1: 2022 Fasting, Praise & Prayer Crusade - A Recap

Day 1: 2022 Fasting, Praise & Prayer Crusade - A Recap
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The long-awaited and unprecedented Fasting, Praise and Prayer Crusade 2022, kicked off in Headquarters of the Christian Missionary Fellowship International in Koume on 17 October 2022. The ambition at the Headquarters as disclosed by brother Theodore Andoseh, leader of Christian Missionary Fellowship International (CMFI), is to have 800 hours of prayer, that is 20 hours daily.

At 14:00 right to 18:00 (GMT+1), the Bertoua House of Prayer for all Nations (BHPFAN) and the World Conquest Strategic Prayer Centre (WCSPC) launched the battle. The slot was marked with thanksgiving from the letter, with the bringing into existence the crusade on all the continents in our ministry and praying for the presence of God throughout the Crusade.

From 18:00—21:00 (GMT+1), Sister Henriette Mbarga and the praise team led the assembly into inaugural praises. She called the community to keep silent before God throughout the 40 days of this holy summoning, and announced the programme of the slot, that is, praising God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, among others.

As pastor Theodore took the floor at 21:00 (GMT+1), he led the community in reading the letter of the Crusade instructing that everyone should have a copy and bring it to the crusade every day for, it will be read every day. He then led the saints in thanksgiving and prayer from the letter, praying specifically for the objectives of the crusade in terms of number of fasts and prayer crusades:

  • 1 million people who will fast at least one day and 100 thousand people who will fast at least 3 days complete
  • 1000 prayer Crusades of at least 300 hours.

He then specified the burdens that will be carried in each slot of each night.

In the first slot from 14:00—18:00 (GMT+1), the BHPFAN and WCSPC will carry the burden of praying for the presence of God in our Ministry just as Moses did for Israel. So that even in our worst, the presence of God, the pillar of cloud, the pillar of fire, the Shekinah light will not depart from us as shown in Nehemiah 9:19-21.

In the second slot from 18:00—21:00 (GMT+1), dedicated to praise, thanksgiving, and proclamation, he expressed the hope that in some sessions of praise, the presence of God will bow our hearts and enable us to experience worship. He explained that praise gives us a new vision of God by which we live.

From 21:00—24:00 (GMT+1), he said that we will pray for the spiritual nation God has given us. He explained that prayer is the DNA of every spiritual Work. And the Vision, as well as the will of God revealed to us must be prayed through to come to existence, otherwise, it is a cancer.

From 00:00—02:00 (GMT+1), prayer will be raised for the Goal of Phase 3, namely

  • The 1 million House churches,
  • the 1 million pastors who lead these house churches, and who obey the Bertoua Message; and
  • the 50 to 100 members of House churches.

This will be led by Pastor Alphonse Tawet.

From 02:00—04:00 (GMT+1), prayers, led by pastor Nicolas Akoa, will be lifted up for the nation and the nations so that God gives wisdom to our leaders to handle our problems

From 04:00—06:00 (GMT+1), detailed watching on the leader and leaders with Sister Esther Kouonang

From 06:00—10:00 (GMT+1), the World Conquest Prayer and Fasting Center (WCPFC) and the staff of the World University of Prayer and Fasting (WUPF) will pray under the leadership of Pastor Matthew Ngo and Sister Clarisse. They will carry the following burdens:

  • Praying that our leaders will walk with God, possess God, be possessed by God. That they will seek God, encounter Him, know Him, serve Him and enjoy Him.
  • Watching over the Ministry through the four 15-minute retreats prayed for the whole ministry

Pastor Theodore explained that, this planning is aimed at making sure that the saints enjoy prayer without breaking. He specified that nobody shall pray more than 12 hours per day. And he urged each one to write 100 true prayer topics that will be prayed throughout the crusade so that the crusade can transform each one, have an impact in each one’s life.

And this first day of the Prayer Crusade continued, as each slot leader took the floor in turn, to outline the rundown of their various slots. 



  1. Personal Spiritual Revival
  2. The Ministry of Fasting
  3. Life-Changing Thoughts on Fasting (Vol 1)
  4. Practical Helps in Fasting Long Fasts
  5. Building a Spiritual Nation

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