Glory Units (Br. Theodore A.)

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If I have had many blessings in life, one of the blessing is the power to love one thing. Don't accept yourself as a failure. Determine to bear fruits. It is glory that unites. Jesus says: I have given them the glory that you gave me, so that they may be one.

So it is glory that unites.  If you don't succeed, if you don't make something out of your life, it will be difficult to be united to other brethren. When Cain failed, the harmony in the home ended. It is glory that unites. Whatever you think that it is God who knows and rewards everybody, know that in human relationships, even in marriage, it is glory that united. No woman wants to divorce a man who has succeed, a woman will want to divorce a man who has failed. No man would want to separate from a woman who is growing and blessing him more and more, but which man would like to remain in his hose with a woman who came in his house like a curse of locusts, to eat up everything. When the man is alone and he looks at his wife, when people are there he calls her darling, when he is alone, her true name is "Je m'en repents".

It is glory that united. The woman should labour to be the man's glory, the man should certainly be the glory of the wife and he must work hard for that. It does not come from your position as a man, he must work hard for that, he must achieve. 'I have given them the glory you gave me so that they may be one'. Unity is not possible between people full of shame, a man's life is full of shame for having fail in his life and then he marries a woman's whose like is full of regrets and each one is hoping that each one is going to cover the others regrets, they will eat each other because of their expectations. It is glory that unites. Do everything to succeed, it will connect you to others people, it will make you love certain people.

  • Pray that the brethren will hate failure.

It was failure that made Cain become a murderer. Don't fail. It is glory that unites.

Our relationships will be better if we all labour to be fruitful and be at our best.

It is glory that unites. Turn away from the shame of failure and the bareness and emptiness, make sure you succeed.

Jonathan had been used by God. The spirit of God had used him to defeat the whole philistines’ army, when he saw David going to face the philistines, and God used David, it is two people that had used and who ended up loving each other. the two of them knew something that nobody else knew, they were alike, they had believed God and they had saved Israel. Jonathan had believed God and had delivered Israel, now he saw somebody who was like him, and they love each other. Part of love is recognizing yourself in the others. That may be why you are lonely, because of failure.

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