The God Who Will Not Accuse His Children

The God Who Will Not Accuse His Children
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Many of God’s children live in fear. They somehow feel that God will condemn them at the last day and, as such, they will be lost.

As a result of this, they try to do many things in the energy of the flesh to please the Lord. This again leads to less and less satisfaction. To all such believers, we say, “You are accepted. God will not accuse you. He will not deny you.”

So the apostle Paul asks an important question: “Who shall bring any charge against God’s elect?” Of course, the devil and all his agents and, sadly enough, some believers act as his agents in accusing God’s elect. However, the accusations bear zero weight. Only two people can bring a charge against God’s elect and that charge will bear weight before God. These two are God the Father and the Lord Jesus. So the questions go:

Can God condemn? Can God bring a charge against them?

The answer is, ‘No.’ God has justified you in Christ Jesus. He justified you when you were yet without hope. Now that you are His child, will He Condemn you? The answer is an emphatic ‘No’ If the one who justified and who justifies, were to turn and condemn the very ones whom He justified, there would be total confusion. So God will not condemn you.

Can Christ who died for the elect turn and condemn them?

The answer is again a big ‘NO’ He died for us while we were yet without hope. He died for us while we were yet totally against Him. Can He who did that for us while we were yet His enemies point to us now that we are His friends and say to the Father, “My Father, condemn them”? No! He cannot do that. He will not do it. You are safe and saved if you are His.

Can Christ, who took us with Him in His resurrection, condemn us?

Jesus did not only die for us. Even while we were yet carried away in the futility of our minds, He included us in His resurrection. By including us in His resurrection, the Lord Jesus was saying to God, “l do not only seek their forgiveness. l do not only desire their justification. l want them to share my resurrection life with me. l want many brethren like me.” Do you hear that? Jesus said to His Father even while you were lost in sin, “l want this one to share my resurrection life with me.” Having said that, how can He again turn and say, “Father separate this one from me for ever?” Christ cannot do that. He will not do it. You are safe in His hands.

Can Christ, who is on the throne and who took us with Him to the throne and made us sit with Him on the throne, turn and say, “l do not want these ones with Me on the throne. They are so bad that l must have them leave the throne and perish eternally”?

Christ cannot do that. He has made you, along with the other saints, heirs of God and co-heirs with Him. He will not reject you. He has accepted you in a final way. l repeat, “You are accepted.” Praise the Lord!

Can Christ, whose main work at God’s right hand is intercession for you, turn and condemn you?

In His office as the mighty Intercessor at the throne, day and night, the Lord is pleading with the Father on your behalf. When you fall into sin, He pleads and stands in the gap before God on your behalf. When your love is weak and faint; when you fail the Father in one way or the other, for example, when your prayer life or your witnessing life is weak, or you fail in love for God, the brethren and those outside of Christ, He pleads with the Father, interceding with sighs and tears. After doing all that for you, can He turn and condemn you? The emphatic answer and the testimony of all Scripture is: ‘NO!’ He will never do that. You are safe. You are saved. Glory be to Him!

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