The Seven Great Killers

The Seven Great Killers

There are seven great “killers” of the walk with God. Go through this list and if you find any of them in your life, kill it immediately so that it will not kill you.


  1. The Love of money.
  2. Falsehood and lack of Integrity in financial matters.
  3. Stealing, fraudulence, corruption, cheating.
  4. Not tithing.
  5. Not giving offerings.
  6. A sense of insecurity.
  7. Discontent.
  8. Worry, anxiety, restlessness.
  9. Lack of faith in God.
  10. The love of the things of the world.
  11. The desire for riches.
  12. Love of furniture.
  13. Love of cars.
  14. Earning money for which one has not worked or for which one is not working.
  15. Using God for gain.
  16. Using the Gospel for gain.
  17. Selfishness.
  18. Debts.
  19. A spirit of exploitation; making use of opportunities to exploit.
  20. Abusive use of what does not belong to you or of what you do not suffer for.
  21. Use of methods of spiritism in the ministry of the Gospel.
  22. Sales of indulgence.
  23. Daydreaming about money, cars, houses, lands, etc.
  24. Love of clothes.
  25. Keeping things that one does not need immediately while others suffer for the lack of them.
  26. Holding back what should be given to advance the Gospel in a locality.
  27. Holding back what should be given to advance the Gospel in a nation.
  28. Holding back what should be given to advance the Gospel globally.
  29. Holding back what should be given to the Gospel ministers.


  1. Fornication.
  2. Adultery.
  3. Masturbation.
  4. Homosexuality.
  5. Lesbianism.
  6. Nudity.
  7. Lewdness.
  8. Sensuality in all its forms: motive, thought, word, touch, dressing, looks, reading, and in act.
  9. Pornography and sensual literature.
  10. Prostitution.
  11. Sexual lust.
  12. Emotional entanglement with someone of the opposite sex who is not your partner.
  13. The sensual desire to be seen and admired.
  14. The sensual desire to be desired by others of the opposite sex.
  15. Singing immoral songs.
  16. Doing all to be beautiful in order to attract people of the opposite sex.
  17. An exaggerated desire for the company of the opposite sex.
  18. Living maritally without being married


  1. Rebellion.
  2. Independence.
  3. Disloyalty.
  4. Spirit of a boss; lack of a servant spirit.
  5. Self-will.
  6. Arrogance.
  7. Self-exaltation.
  8. Worldly ambitions.
  9. Vainglory.
  10. Rivalry.
  11. Pride, superiority complex, inferiority complex.
  12. Lack of the capacity to receive rebukes, corrections, and criticisms.
  13. Lack of a repentant spirit.
  14. Lack of a forgiving spirit or the capacity to reconcile with others.
  15. Difficult to settle problems or to be reconciled with.
  16. Lack of the capacity to honor the elderly and those in authority.
  17. Lack of human authority in one’s life.
  18. Lack of the mind to suffer.
  19. Lack of the capacity to restitute.
  20. Lack of capacity to function in a team.
  21. Lack of a spirit of sacrifice.
  22. Getting involved in issues beyond one’s scope of understanding or authority


  1. Gossiping, meddling in the matters of others.
  2. Slander.
  3. Backbiting.
  4. Jesting.
  5. Mockery.
  6. Insulting.
  7. Careless speech.
  8. Hard words.
  9. Cursing oneself.
  10. Cursing others.
  11. Talkativeness.
  12. Lying.
  13. Nasty making of promises without accomplishing any or most.
  14. Speaking when one ought not to speak.
  15. Not speaking when one ought to speak.
  16. Quarrels, feud.
  17. Uncouth language.
  18. A spirit of criticism.
  19. Boastfulness.
  20. Lack of the capacity to keep a secret.
  21. A complaining spirit.
  22. A grumbling spirit.
  23. Murmuring.
  24. Intrigue.
  25. Careless laughter.
  26. The right thing spoken by the wrong person.
  27. A rebuke or correction made by the wrong person.
  28. The right thing spoken at the wrong time.
  29. The right thing spoken for the wrong motive.
  30. Confession of unbelief.
  31. Lack of the capacity to speak to a senior with respect.
  32. Rudeness.
  33. Lack of the capacity to honour someone by the way one speaks.
  34. Prayerlessness.
  35. False prophecies: saying that God spoke when He did not speak.
  36. A carnal desire to prophesy.
  37. A carnal desire to be heard.


  1. Lying.
  2. Lying through jokes.
  3. Dishonesty.
  4. Making promises knowing that they will not be fulfilled.
  5. Unfulfilled promises.
  6. Hypocrisy.
  7. Struggling to live a life at a higher level than one’s resources would allow.
  8. Exaggeration.
  9. Lack of integrity.
  10. Slander.
  11. Falsehood in motive, thought, word, deed, impressions, attitude.
  12. Conspiracy.
  13. Deceit.
  14. Guile.
  15. Corruption.
  16. Fraud.
  17. Pretense.
  18. Duplicity.
  19. Dissimulation.
  20. Defamation.


  1. Gluttony.
  2. Obesity.
  3. Love of meat, fish, etc.
  4. Love of food.
  5. Bondage to specific types of food.
  6. A spirit of feasting.
  7. Love of ease.
  8. Alcoholism, love of leisure, and love of pleasure.
  9. Love for holidays.
  10. Laziness.
  11. Too much time given to food.
  12. Too much money invested into food.
  13. Luxurious eating habits.
  14. Lack of the discipline to fast.
  15. Hatred of fasting.
  16. Love for football.
  17. Love for T.V.


  1. A purposeless life.
  2. Laziness, idleness.
  3. Indiscipline in the use of time, money, in speech, in thought, in building relationships, in emotions,
  4. Disorderliness.
  5. Superficiality.
  6. Unfaithfulness in keeping one’s commitments to God and to man.
  7. Unfaithfulness in keeping promises made to God and to man.
  8. Prayerlessness alone and in group.
  9. Lack of the daily discipline of Bible Meditation.
  10. Lack of the daily discipline of reading Christian literature.
  11. Lack of the desire to settle payments in cash, meanwhile one has the money to do so.
  12. Lack of the capacity to be punctual.
  13. Debts.
  14. Issuing bounced checks.
  15. No accountability on the use of time.
  16. No accountability on money earned and money spent.
  17. No accountability on projects planned and executed

Dr. Emmanuel Ngonge Donald

Professor Zacharias Tanee Fomum

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