Some Tips About Fasting

Some Tips About Fasting

From the 18th of October 2021 to the 26th of November our entire Ministry, Christian Missionary Fellowship International will be fasting including you (yes I mean you) will be fasting for forty days which shall run with a prayer crusade. Please stay tuned and connect to this great move of God.

Some tips about fasting;

  1. Fasting is not only for the gifted but for every CHRISTIAN.
  2. Food is good and we only fast on the basis of the sacrifice of what is good.
  3. When the leader is fasting, fasting is easiest and we can go farthest.
  4. As soon as fasting is announced, reasons to escape the fast begin to pop up.
  5. Fast according to your capacity but when your capacity is too small then you may have decided inside the stomach of the love of food.
  6. Choose who advises you about your fast because the person may be inspired from...
  7. You can never prepare enough for a fast, fasting easily submit to the obedient.
  8. Fasting and prayer are the most powerful weapons when used together but fast even if you don't have enough time to pray.
  9. Those who have many problems and a purpose-directed life always find reasons to fast.
  10. Fast because you have a goal and if you have no goal fast because our ministry has a goal.

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