21 Quotes on Prayer by Prof. Zacharias Tanee Fomum

21 Quotes on Prayer by Prof. Zacharias Tanee Fomum
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Professor Fomum considered prayer to be the most important work that can be done on earth for God and for man. He was a man of faith who believed that God answers prayers.

He had over 50 000 recorded answers to written Prayer Topics. He strove more and more to know God and to move Him to answer prayer. With his team, they carried out over 57 Prayer Crusades (periods of 40 days and nights during which at least 8 hours are invested into prayer each day). They also carried out over 80 Prayer Sieges (times of near non-stop praying that range from 24 to 120 hours).

He carried out over 100 Prayer Walks of between 5 and 47 kilometers in towns and cities around the world. He taught on prayer over and over, even though he was in many ways just a beginner in the profound science of prayer.

Find below some randomely selected 21 Quotes on prayer by Professor omum, extracted from the book Praying With Power:

  1. The primary essence of prayer is communion with God
  2. All work that is not prayed through adequately, several times over , is an activity of the flesh. It will not last.
  3. Anyone who expects any promise of God to be fulfilled in his life or in the life of the Church without sustained cooperation with God in prayer, is mistaken.
  4. Anyone who thinks that because he prayed in the past, he can relax at the moment and yet reap the full fruit of God's current move, is self deceived.
  5. There is no time that is bad time for prayer. God is always waiting to be prayed to and He will answer!
  6. Those who spend time increasingly in prayer grow in spiritual power.
  7. We believe that the person who wants to grow in a clear knowledge of the Lord Jesus should spend at least half of the time he puts into prayer alone.
  8. If there is going to be a change, there must be an increase in the quality and quantity of prayer for revelation.
  9. The leader is the person who spends the most time in prayer.
  10. When a leader has given up on real praying, he has also abandoned leadership.
  11. You will know much supernatural interference in your affairs for good if you will give yourself increasingly to prayer.
  12. One of the tragedies of all times is that believers sleep instead of praying.
  13. Sleeping during prayer is evidence of spiritual malady.
  14. Prayer is war and any soldier who relaxes on the warfront will be taken captive.
  15. Those who sleep at prayer are lazy soldiers whom the Enemy has taken captive.
  16. The heavens will open when praying people ask the Lord to open them.
  17. No praying man should bother to defend his honour or position. God is well to do that, and He always does it.
  18. God has one answer to the shortage of labourers; that answer is prayer to the Lord of the harvest.
  19. Prayer is first of all listening to God; It is, secondly, hearing God and it is thirdly talking to God.
  20. If an entirely consecrated believer prays for one hour the impact of that one hour of prayer is far more than the impact of one month or one year of the praying of a sin-loving believer!
  21. No one can become preoccupied with praying for God's needs without God becoming preoccupied with the person's needs.

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