Completing The Fast: If I Perish, I Perish (Z.T. Fomum)

Completing The Fast: If I Perish, I Perish (Z.T. Fomum)
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If the Enemy cannot succeed in getting us to give up the fast before it is started, he will labour to ensure that we do not complete it.

It is one thing to decide that you want to fast for a certain length of time and quite another to begin the fast. There are many fasts that end at the stage of conception. The Enemy ensures that the decision is annulled and the fast is never started. I think this is one of the most destructive things that Satan does. If the Lord has put a fast into your heart, and it is aborted at the initial step, then great harm has been done to you, to the Church, to the Kingdom of God, and to Planet Earth, since your fast affects all of them. You must, therefore, protect any decision or desire put into your heart by the Lord.

Not too long ago I met a young believer from a suburb of Ntui1. I asked him if he had any distinguishing marks in his Christian life. He said, “Yes.” I asked him what the mark was. He told me, 

“The thing that distinguishes me is that if I have decided to do something for my Lord, I go ahead and do it at any cost.” 

Then he told me the following story: 

“Last year I decided that I would carry out a fifteen day absolute fast for my Lord. I started the fast and as the days went by it became very difficult. On the twelfth day of the fast I felt that I was dying and I had to choose between stopping the fast and saving my life or continuing in the fast and dying. I decided that I could not break my promise to my Lord to fast for fifteen days, that it was better to die than to be unfaithful. Death was very near. I decided that I should stretch myself and lie straight so that it would not be difficult for those who would bury me to put me into a coffin. As I lay straight and was ready to depart and be with my Lord, He spoke to me. He said to me, ‘Rise, take a sponge and soak it in water. Touch your tongue with the sponge, but do not suck it.’ I woke up and did just as I was told. I soaked a sponge in water and touched my tongue with it, but I did not suck it. Suddenly everything changed. My strength returned to me, and the power of death left me. I continued and finished the remaining three days of my absolute fast.” 

As he finished his testimony, I felt very small before him. I was standing before a man of valour. He had real spiritual potential, and he was only three years old in the Lord! Lord, help me to be as faithful as he is. Forgive my unfaithfulness of the past. Enable me to be more faithful in the future.

If you have decided to fast for a certain length of time, press on and finish the fast. Do not look back. You have put your hand to the plough; do not look back. Do not listen to anyone who tells you to stop. Do not be moved by your feelings. You have set a goal before you. Pursue it. Do not hesitate. Give all of yourself to the fast and finish it.

A young engineer, Jean-Roger Kamga, wrote the following for himself as he prepared for a twenty-one-day fast. He actually did all his work as an engineer during that period. In addition, he did not stop the fast on the twenty-first day. He continued until the evening of the twenty-third day. Read it. You may find something useful in his approach to help you as you prepare for your next fast.

  1. Anyone who will force me to eat food during the period of the fast is a messenger of Satan.

  2. The one who will express concern or worry about my physical condition is a dangerous stumbling block for me.

  3. The one who will innocently propose some meal to me during the period of fasting is a dangerous friend.

  4. I shall hate the charm of food during the entire length of the fast.

  5. I shall hate all delicious and attractive food.

  6. I shall hate the attraction of bread during all of the fast.

  7. I shall despise the sweetness of bananas.

  8. I shall despise the taste of well prepared cassava.

  9. I will be able to resist hunger for 21 days through the Lord Who strengthens me.

  10. I will be able to work normally, without being too worn out physically.

  11. It may even be possible for me to fast for more than 21 days through Him who strengthens me.

  12. It will be possible for me to enjoy the full measure of my inheritance in the Lord Jesus during the fast and not be carried away by physical weaknesses. I am supernatural.

  13. I will be able to do all my duties at my place of work, at the place of spiritual ministry, and no one will be able to render me incapable of doing all these things.

  14. Any noise that my stomach will make or any unusual heat that I will feel will be short-lived.

  15. The stairs that I climb and descend in order to reach or depart from my house have been placed there by the Lord for the express purpose of training my muscles and not for weakening me.

  16. Any thought of staying in bed for very long periods during the fast will be considered a stumbling block being put in my way by the Enemy.

  17. Any physical weakness that I might feel in standing, walking or writing will be seen as obstacles to be overcome immediately.

  18. The tendency towards being intolerant and impatient that sometimes is manifested during fasts will be considered as discouragements being addressed to me by the Enemy, so that I might not enter into the fullness which is my inheritance in Christ.

  19. The Lord Who is calling me to start this fast knows my future. He knows that I must work normally at my place of work and at my place of spiritual ministry. He also knows that I need to minister unto Him as well as unto some saints. I will count on Him for all that it will take to accomplish all these things during the fast. Therefore, I will be able to fast and yet do all these things.

  20. I realize that I will not be the only one in the battle. There will be other brethren fasting with me. Some will be fasting for 28 days; others will be fasting for 30 days, not to talk of those who will be fasting for 40 days.

  21. The Lord Jesus fasted for 40 days and did not die from the fast. After His fast He rendered powerful ministry for three-and a half years.

  22. I consider it a privilege to be planning to fast.

  23. I am 26 years old. If I consecrate 21 days for intense prayer and fasting to the Lord, I would have given Him 0.2 percent of the days that He has already given to me.

  24. I must fast in order to minister to the Lord.

  25. I must fast in order to be more effective in the ministry.

  26. I must fast in order to advance the ministry.

  27. I must fast in order that the Gospel may take root and expand world wide.

  28. I must fast in order to support Brother-in the conquest of the world for Christ”


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