Day 7: 2022 Fasting, Praise & Prayer Crusade - A Recap

Day 7: 2022 Fasting, Praise & Prayer Crusade - A Recap
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The 7th night of the Fasting Praise and Prayer Crusade marked the first step taken by brother Theodore into the programme of his slot outlined earlier. The leader indeed summarized what he had taught the children for the past three years, namely, How to Build a Spiritual Nation the Way Moses Did.

To give a background, the leader, made it clear that for Abraham to be made into a mighty spiritual nation, he Had to walk with God and teach his children to walk with God the way he did. Indeed, the inheritance Israel has bequeathed to mankind is the revelation of the One True God and how to know Him.

However, at a point, the people of Israel became a people in bondage, and beyond that they became a people without worship, with no possibility to sacrifice to God. And God raised Moses whose calling was to take all these descendants of Abraham and make them into a people for God and a people of God.

To make them into a people for God, Moses carried them:

  • under the blood through the sacrifice of the Passover Lamb so that they should be saved from God’s judgement; and
  • through the water (crossing of the Red sea) which is baptism, and separation from the world.

On this, the leader commented that our Passover Lamb is the blood of Jesus and faith in Him as we receive Him as our Saviour. Meanwhile, through baptism, we are separated from our natural identity (tribes, clans, countries, families, villages, cultures, nations, races, genders, human beings).

To make them into a people of God, Moses brought Israel to mount Sinai to make their own covenant with God as their ancestors did. On Mount Sinai, God gave Israel

  • His Word through the tablets of the Law; and
  • His presence through the Tabernacle which was a point of meeting with Him.

And to stay under this covenant, the people of Israel had to obey God’s Word and walk in His presence.

At this point, brother Theodore brought the saints to read in Deuteronomy 28:1-11, disclosing that what Moses was telling Israel in the passage is that blessing comes from God and the walk with God. Reading further, in Deuteronomy 28:16, the leader explained that the source of your curses are not primarily what others have done to you, but what you have done to God. He, then outlined a process to deal with curses. This consists in

  • Removing first the sins you committed since you believed, for these affect you a thousand times more than the sins you committed before believing, then
  • Dealing with the sins you committed before you believed and carry out thorough restitution, then
  • Dealing with the sins of your parents, and so on backwards till you get to Adam (the sin of disobeying God).

Brother Theodore emphasized that each should remember that the first source of curses is disobedience.

A great spiritual nation has the presence of God, and the Word of God, brother Theodore underscored.

If we want to build our spiritual nation like Moses did, the miracles, the numbers the structures are nothing. To build a great spiritual nation as Moses did, is to bring the people to have a relationship with God. And indeed, that is what the Message of Bertoua offers us: the possibility to have a relationship with God.

If we have understood this method used by Moses, then we must be grateful to God for what ZTF gave us, the leader further said.

Expounding on the centrality of a relationship with God, the leader commented that a believer should seek God, and prosperity will seek him. However, those who instead seek prosperity are pagans. If you obey God, God will not even give you the opportunity to remind Him of His promises, brother Theodore concluded.



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