Day 8: 2022 Fasting, Praise & Prayer Crusade - A Recap

Day 8: 2022 Fasting, Praise & Prayer Crusade - A Recap

During the 8th night of the Prayer Praise and Fasting Crusade, brother Theodore’s slot on Building a Spiritual Nation was a time of prayer from the message of the previous night. The first prayer topic given by the leader was that all in our ministry from Koume to the ends of the earth should know true salvation. To shed more light on this, he explained that the blood of Jesus serves four purposes

  • Propitiation: it saves us from God’s judgement by appeasing His anger against us due to our sins;
  • Manutention and redemption: It serves as a ransom and frees us from all the claims and obligations the devil can have against you so that you walk free;
  • Sanctification: it separates us from the world, from our weakness, it raises a wall between us and the world
  • Purification: it purifies us and removes the guilt from our conscience.

Many, however, do not experience the power of the blood because they have not exposed their sins, because they have not experienced the bitterness of repentance. Indeed, brother Theodore explained that those who come under the blood without the bitterness of repentance, when faced with the hardship the Christian life in the desert, will remember the world, remember Egypt, like the mixed multitudes that left Egypt with Israel.

The right way to deal with sin said pastor Theodore, is not to summarize sins, but handle them one after another. That is, indeed, what has motivated the use of the sins book.

The second prayer topic given by the leader was that each one in our ministry will embrace baptism and be baptised in water and with the Holy Spirit. Embracing baptism, he explained, implies knowing that means separation, and accepting it indeed. The separation of baptism, as Brother Theodore clarified, means that, like Noah, you enter water with your world and all that comes out is you and your relationship with God

The third Prayer topic prayed was that that all in our community should accept what the Lord has given us, notably His Word, to know Him, and His presence (the indwelling Holy Spirit, that is the witness of the Holy Spirit), to know His will. Brother Theodore took advantage to demystify the whole issue of walking with God. Indeed, the Lord has intended that in a state of communion with God, the believer should receive the will of God from the indwelling Holy Spirit, through the inner umpire, the peace of God. However, obstacles, to such knowing of the will of God include sin and disobedience.



  1. Disciples of the Jesus-Christ to make disciples for Jesus-Christ
  2. Personal Spiritual Revival
  3. The Ministry of Fasting
  4. Life-Changing Thoughts on Fasting (Vol 1)
  5. Practical Helps in Fasting Long Fasts
  6. Building a Spiritual Nation


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