God's Word to The People of CMFI For 2021

God's Word to The People of CMFI For 2021
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Thus says the Lord!

You have had a year of victory and great victories

Victories in fasting; victories in praying

Victories in obedience to Me


Victories in evangelism, soul-winning and church planting

Victories in believing and embracing the prophecies

Victories in believing and embracing the goal of phase 3

Victories in believing and obeying the Santa Cruz prophecy

Victories in embracing and proclaiming the Bertoua Prophecy

Victories in risking and hazarding your lives in spite of the pandemic and global hysteria!!!

You have had a victorious year before Me, and you are my victorious people!!!

You have fought the battles of faith and I am pleased

And now I call you to the bounty and the spoils, 

I give you the wealth of your many victories, 

I give you the harvest of your much sowing

I give you the answer to your many prayers

I give you the results of your pursuit and your seeking

I give you the doors and opportunities of your much persistence in knocking and seeking

I give you the accomplishment of your objectives,

And I give you much more than the outcome of your work and labours;

I give you the results and the outcome of my abundant grace and mercy,

I give you The blessings and favour of your God and with it all, I give to you myself in fullness; I give to you all of Myself in fullness irrevocably.

I am the Lord!

Many things are coming to a head.

The labours of the past are coming to the decisive moment and the prayers of many years are coming to a decisive moment. I bring you to the day of the Lord in your ministry and work!!

The day of My favour and blessing

The day of My abundance and fruits

The day of My harvest and strength,

The day of My outstretched hand and power

The season of My mighty work and presence amongst you The hour of My visitation on all CMFI worldwide.

You will expand rapidly and surely and keep the grounds gained

You will grow exponentially in numbers and in influence

You will know great visibility and spiritual dominion

You will be for me a city of refuge in the nations 

You will be an oasis of calm in the convolution in the nations.

My peace and joy shall be you banner says the Lord!

I give you peoples, languages and nations! I give you localities, towns and cities.

I give you children, youths and adults

I give you the people of influence and wealth as My disciples I give you funds, numbers and resources.

I give you spiritual gifts and distinct ministries

I give you leaders, statement men and prophets

I give you structures infrastructures and materials

I give you wealth, greatness and glory for my purposes

I give you Myself in all my fullness and life 

I give you success and glory in many domains

 You will not recognise yourselves because of what I will make of you and because of all I will give to you. My children, come with Me into my plans and purposes

Come with Me into the harvest of the nations and people

Come with Me to disciple all whom I gave to you to Christ

Come with Me to gather in homes in My name alone

Come with Me to gather in small groups and fellowship

Come with me to be everywhere but invisible to the enemy

Come with Me into my victory over the world and its systems I will do amazing things for you, and in you and through you Amazing miracles, signs, and wonders.

Amazing results, harvest and success

Amazing expansions, explosions and spread Amazing things and amazing results.

But do not pursue miracles! Do not pursue wealth!

Do not pursue success

Do not pursue glory and greatness

You shall pursue the harvest

 You shall pursue the perishing souls of men

You shall pursue the goal

You shall pursue the objective of phase 3

You shall pursue My glory; the fact that I will be glorified You shall pursue Me as your fullness and bliss.

And I will give Myself to you

Thus say the Lord: your God and King

I call you to My rest and peace

I call you to My joy and rejoicing

I call you to thanksgiving and abundant praise

I call you to eyes and hearts that are focused on Me

I call you to total dependence on the name of Jesus alone

I call you to the finished work of the cross and to the Almighty Holy Spirit,  I call you into My rest.

I am sending to you the latter rain, the spring rain, the rain of harvest and I call you to labour, 

I call you to hard work, 

I call you to extreme hard work, and

I call you to very extreme hard work with joy and praise.

I call you to Hard work with joy and praise as your continual strength.

You shall be a rejoicing people, 

You shall be a praising people, 

You shall be a loving people

You must be a courageous and faithful people

You must be a courageous and faithful people

I banish fear from your hearts and from your midst;

I banish selfishness and self-seeking from all who are working hard and from all your work so that it will not limit you. I banish complains and worries and inward-looking and apprehensions You are victorious, move ahead in assurance.

I have shown you My will, move ahead with assurance.

I am with you, move ahead with total confidence I am coming with you and I am your guarantor Rejoice in Me says the Lord!

Koume, 31/12/2020

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