Learning How to Have Daily Dynamic Encounters With God

Learning How to Have Daily Dynamic Encounters With God
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In this excerpt, the possibilities are offered through Bible meditation, prayer and obedience, for the overcomer to enter into a daily encounter with God that will transform every aspect of his walk with Him.

God can indeed be heard and met every day, and many times a day. He is waiting to be heard. He is anxious to talk to His children, to hear them and to answer them. He is not silent. You can encounter Him today and He can encounter you, and you will never be the same.

00-10 minutes: Prayer - 1

  1. Confession of sin.
  2. Reception of cleansing and pardon.
  3. Reception of the Holy Spirit in fulness.
  4. Appropriation of the full power and presence of the Holy Spirit as Author of the Word to lead you into it and teach you.

10-15 minutes: Bible Reading - 1

  1. Read the passage through fairly rapidly.
  2. Read the passage through slowly.

15-30 minutes: Bible Reading - 2

  1. Read the passage through very very slowly.
  2. Work out the main message of the passage to those
  3. who first received that part of Scripture; i.e. the
  4. original audience in Bible times. Ask yourself how they
  5. understood what the writer was saying.

30-60 minutes: Bible Meditation:

  1. Work out what the Word of God is saying to you today bout:
    1. your walk with God.
    2. your service for God.
    3. your relationship with believers,
    4. your relationship with unbelievers,
    5. your service to believers,
    6. your service to unbelievers
  2. Decide what you will do about specific things about which the Lord has talked to you through His Word.

60-75 minutes: Prayer - 2

  1. Convert each thing which you saw in the Word into
  2. prayer. Ask the Lord for power to obey Him in all the
  3. things that He has shown and commanded you. Ask the
  4. Lord to work out the circumstances that are most
  5. conducive to help you to obey Him in the things that
  6. He has talked to you about. Pray for other believers
  7. who are facing the same issues that necessitate obedience.

75-90 minutes: Prayer - 3

  1. Thank the Lord for His Word to you that day.
  2. Praise Him. Make petitions to Him. Intercede for
  3. those in authority over you. Intercede for a
  4. particular believer or a particular situation. Pray
  5. for any other things that the Holy Spirit has put on
  6. your heart. Thank the Lord again for the time that
  7. you have spent in His presence.

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