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Sexual Impact 4/4

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There came a day in my life when I was led to pray as follows: “Lord, grant that I should appear physically unattractive, yea, Lord, physically displeasing to all the women on the Planet Earth, except the one woman whom You have ordained to be my wife. May there be no comeliness in me to be desired by any other woman. May all of them see me as ugly, except my wife. My Lord, grant that it should be so now and until You come again. Amen.

There was another day when I prayed, “My Lord and my God, O may what is considered by some as physical handsomeness in me disappear at once and disappear for ever, and may what is inward beauty - the beauty of spirit and soul - be formed in me in full measure at once!

Will you pray these two prayers for yourself? When the Lord began to lead me this way, I was surprised that it took one week for me to come to terms with that first prayer and to offer it as a heart’s cry to God. From the beginning, as I found my heart resisting it, I knew that I had a problem in my heart. I was still in bondage to the desire to attract women and to have them desire me for something outward. However, God did deal with me so that within one week of the initial battle, I had come through to the place of absolute surrender in the matter, entered God’s rest about it and prayed the prayer as a heart’s cry to the Lord.

May the Lord work out this same thing in you, and then you will be fully blessed. Praise the Lord!

(From the book Freedom from the Sin of Fornication and Adultery Chp four pg 54)

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