You Can Become A Virgin Again

You Can Become A Virgin Again
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It does not matter the degree of sexual sins that a person has gotten into. If the person turns to the Lord and is put into Christ, God carries out many miracles in him that restore him, not just to what he was at the beginning, but to what God meant him to be.

Take, for example, someone who has lost his or her virginity. Outside of Christ, this loss is most permanent. This virginity is lost through sexual experience either in thought or in action. So anyone who has ever carried out a sexual act in his mind is no longer a virgin before God, even if on the physical body the marks of virginity may remain.

When a person is in Christ, God restores all that was lost through sin to the person, so much so that his lost virginity is restored, not only before man but also before God.
It is in this wise that the Bible, in talking of women who are in Christ, puts them in two classes:

  1. the married and
  2. the virgins

instead of the three classes that are found outside of Christ:

  1. the married
  2. the unmarried virgins
  3. the unmarried non-virgins.

In the Lord Jesus, there are no unmarried non-virgins. This is very far-reaching, for it means that you who are reading this can become a virgin even if there have been 100 men or women in your life. It means that you can become a virgin, even if you have been a professional prostitute or a student prostitute or a working-class prostitute. God is prepared to transform you into a virgin and leave no marks to tell of your past story. This is very good news.


We have said that all these good things are for people who are in Christ. You may be asking the question, “How can I get into Christ so as to enjoy all these things?” The answer is very simple. Christ has done everything that is necessary. He has taken your place and died for you on the cross. He put you into Himself when He died on the cross. He put you into Himself when He was buried. He put you into Himself when He arose from the dead and God put you on the throne with Him when He was enthroned.

From God’s point of view, it is all done, but He cannot force that which He has done for you, in Christ, upon you. You must accept it yourself. At this moment, all that Christ did is potentially yours. You are a potential king, sitting on the throne and reigning with Christ. But this potential will only be realized from the moment when you say to Christ: “Lord, You did all this for me. It is wonderful of You to have done it. I am very grateful to You. I want all that You did for me to become mine right now. I take my place in You now and renounce all the deeds of darkness in my life and all the works of sin and Satan. By Your power I take my leave permanently out of Satan’s kingdom and enter into Your Kingdom. I receive You as my Saviour, my Lord and my God, and I will obey You in everything at any cost. Thank You that You have now received me and I am in Christ 100%. Amen.”

Immediately you are in Christ in this way, all that He did for you becomes yours. You have become God’s son and you have all the wealth that is yours in Christ to explore. Make sure that you explore all your inheritance and that you enjoy it to the fullest.

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