God Came Down in Kamonyi, Rwanda!

God Came Down in Kamonyi, Rwanda!
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During the recent Missionary journey to Rwanda, ministry was rendered to about 7500 people in Kamonyi Rwanda. About 2500 people prayed to receive the Lord Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.

 There were many healings. Below are some of the testimonies. I confess that this was the greatest miracle service of our ministry so far. It was just wonderful. The Lord just came down and did it. His word in the Santa Cruz Prophecy is being fulfilled. Glory be to His holy Name!

  1. I was not hearing when I got here. Now, after the prayer, I can hear the word of God: I also had a problem with my hand. I could not stretch it. Now I can move my hand. I am healed!
  2. I could neither see nor hear; now, after the prayer, I can see and hear.
  3. I could neither see nor hear. Now, after the prayer, I can hear, but I still cannot see.
  4. I had something that blocked my ears. I could not hear. But when I came here,after the prayer, I was surprised that I could hear the word clearly.
  5. I thank God because at first, my ears were blocked. Before, I could not hear. Now, after the prayer, I can hear. Also, I could not speak aloud, and children used to pass by and mock at me, saying: "Speak aloud!" Now, I thank God
    that I can speak aloud.
  6. Before, in primary school, I could not speak and I was sent away from school. Today, after the prayer, I can speak. JANYER UMURERWA Aimee, 8 Years.
  7. I had not been hearing for 33 years. People thought that I was pretending. When I was prayed for today, I felt something moving in my stomach and ears. Now, I can hear and the stomach problem had also disappeared.
  8. I had not been hearing since just after having my first son. So it was ten years of not hearing. Now, I can hear after the prayer.
  9. Since 1972 I could not hear. Now, after the prayer, I can hear. When the moon was up, I could hear a bit, but in darkness I could hear nothing. Now I can hear everything going on around me. NYIRABAGANDE Rose
  10. One day I came from school, I lay down and afterwards I could no longer hear. That was 3 days ago. Now, after the prayer, I can hear! NIYITANGA Fabien, 14 years.
  11. I could not hear for 30 years, but now, I can hear everything. I could not breathe easily; but now, the asthma is gone. MUKAKIRE, 75 years.
  12. For a long time I could not see and I could not hear (since 1994). I saw people double, I saw the sun or the moon in 3 pieces, but now, I see everything clearly. My ears are also open. NYIRAMAHE Rosalie, 73 ans.
  13. Since 1994, I started having problems with my ears and eyes. Now, I can see and hear. I also had swellings and pain in the feet. Now, the pain is gone. NYIRAREKERAHO
  14. It was one year since I had not been hearing. My ears were hurting and most of the time I was rubbing them. It also affected my eyes, but now, after the prayer, I can hear and see.
    ASELAS KANAKUZI, 80 years.
  15. I had a problem in the ear for 2 years. Something was blocking it. After being prayed for, the blockage immediately went away and now, I can hear.
    NYIRABUSERUKA Louise 60 years.
  16. I had an abscess in the ear, on the left chin and on the breast. That's what affected my hearing for one year. Now, after being prayed for, I can hear. There is no more noise in my ears.
    KANKINDI, 73 years.
  17. I had an abscess in each of my ears right down to the neck, and it also affect ed my eyes for 2 years. Now, after being prayed for, I can hear. I can also see. UZAMUSCHAKA Pascale, 70 years.
  18. I had problems with my ears just after the war, 14 years ago. Now, after being prayed for, I can hear. I also had a problem with my hand. Now, I am healed. NYIRABAZUNGU Rose, 70 years
  19. I developed the illness which brings pus in the ears, which was treated in hospital. After that I could not hear. This happened long ago, since I was a child. Now, I can hear. As I was being prayed for, there was itching in my ears, and then it unblocked. UENANTIE MUKARUBECA, 50 Years.
  20. For a long time, I could not see (since 1994). Now, God has opened my eyes, and I can see. NIRAMAHE Rosalie.
  21. My eyes were itching and also feeling hot inside, but now, I feel fine in my eyes. MUKAKINANI Félicité, 53 ans.
  22. I used to move about with a Bible, but I could not read it. On Sundays when I went to pray, when we were told to read the Bible, I could not. Now, I can see well to the right and to the left. I give glory to God, I have seen His grace. I will never abandon Him. NGENDAHAYO Celestin.
  23. I used to see people just like trees moving. Now I can see people clearly. I thank God for making me see. I have received Him, I will never abandon Him. May God be praised! UWIGIZE RARIE Thérèse, 70 years.
  24. First of all, I thank God for healing me of drunkenness. Before, I could read the Bible, but some time ago, I could no longer read. Now, after being prayed for, I can see clearly.
    BICAMUMPAKA Barthazar, 78 years.
  25. For ten years, I used to see things blurred and sometimes I could not see at all. I would feel something in the head and sometimes I fell to the ground. I thank God because now, I can see clearly. There were objects blocking my eyes. After prayers, the objects have disappeared. MUKANTURO Esther, 77 years.
  26. I had problems with my eyes, I went to the hospital and still could not see. On the road, I would see two roads, one suspending in the air; thus it was difficult to cross the road. So when I saw a car, I would run into the bush. At the hospital, the doctors could not handle it. The first time I was prayed for here, I could see the road as one, but people in double. Now, after more prayer, I can see very clearly. MUYUZANGABO, 45 years.
  27. I thank God because my eyes were itching with tears. After the prayer, no more itching, nor more tears. UGIRUWABO Mediatrice, 25 years.
  28. I am healed now! I see very well! No more itching of the eyes since after the prayer. RUKARWEGO DAPHROSE.
  29. I thank God because I can see very well, now, after having been prayed for.
  30. I had eye problems which are now gone. PATRICIE.
  31. May God be glorified, I had problems with my legs and I could not walk. Now, I can walk, after the prayer. NTAMANANIZA Augustin, 75 years.
  32. Thirteen walking sticks and one crutch were gathered after people had been healed in the limbs and led in a praise and dancing march by Brother Zach. Heavy investments in fasting and prayer preceded the event. Sacrificial investments were made by all the brethren in Rwanda. The leadership was by Missionary Jean DEUGOU and would-be Missionary Evase NSENGIMANA

With unfeigned love,

Professor Zacharias Tanee Fomum

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