Soul-Winning: A Priority (Z.T. Fomum)

Soul-Winning: A Priority (Z.T. Fomum)
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There are many things that can be done in the Kingdom of God. There is evangelism, pastoring, teaching, and prophesying. There is the care of young converts, the care of the poor, etc. I want to suggest that all these things are good and necessary.

However, I want to suggest that the greatest and foremost work in the world is to bring a lost sinner to the Saviour. There may be opportunities for spiritual growth when Jesus comes. For example, when we see Him, we shall be changed to be like Him. However, there will be no opportunity for anyone who has not known Him. Young converts will be in the Kingdom.

Immature believers have eternal life. Believers who have not been taught will inherit eternal life.

Believers who do not have the whole counsel of God will not perish. However, all who do not know Jesus Christ will perish eternally.

I am not advocating that immaturity and poor teaching should be encouraged. I am only suggesting that the priority is bringing the Gospel to those without Christ and helping them to lay hold of eternal life.

Personally speaking, I have done several things in the Kingdom. If I had all my life to live all over and the choice solely mine, I would invest all of myself, all of my time, all of my energy, all of my talent, all of my wealth into the only business in the world that cannot wait – bringing sinners to the Saviour.

From now on, I want to invest all my life in a new way in evangelism.

  1. I want to go back to the streets where I began my ministry.
  2. I want to hold more evangelistic campaigns.
  3. I want to hold more crusades.
  4. I want to write more evangelistic tracts.
  5. I want to write more evangelistic books.
  6. I want to teach more people the art of soul-winning.
  7. I want to build an evangelistic centre.
  8. I want to put up a building for the coordination of evangelistic work.
  9. I want to train evangelists.
  10. I want to preach the Gospel to all men in the entire world by all means possible.

This is the future trend of my ministry.

Someone may ask “What will happen to the converts?” Well, God will take care of them. Will they not backslide? Well, Judas did not make it, even with the best teaching in the world and the care of the greatest Pastor—Jesus Christ.

I believe that those who truly receive the revelation that Jesus is the Son of God and respond to it need no follow-up. They will grow. They will love the Lord. Who followed up Paul?

  • I would rather have multitudes of untaught babies in the Kingdom than see them lost.
  • I would rather see multitudes who are saved but unwise than see them lost.
  • I must concentrate on evangelism. The Church must concentrate on evangelism. People will grow faster as they give themselves away to others.

What I am saying here may seem to contradict some things that I have earlier said or will later on say, but there is indeed no contradiction. It is just a matter of priorities. Is it fairer to produce ten mature believers or to save 1000 people? Will Jesus keep the 1000 young converts in Himself until He comes? If He will do that, then I will rather save the 1000 than build up the 10. There are many who do not go far because they are ever being built. May we stop wasting time on them! May we concentrate on the lost.

Even our teaching needs to be practical and geared at making people grow in the Christian life, instead of just stuffing people with great theories. Doctrines which have no practical implications in this life should be left aside until Jesus comes. The apparent contradictions of Scriptures should not be our preoccupation.

Let us give ourselves to that which is

  • obvious from the Word.
  • Practical— geared to producing people who love Jesus and are obedient.


Look at your priorities again!!

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