The Call For Exceedingly Great Deeds (Z.T. Fomum)

The Call For Exceedingly Great Deeds (Z.T. Fomum)
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My son, I want you to know for certain that no-one has ever died in the work I have given you to do for Me because he or she carried more responsibilities than he or she ought to carry.

People have died because of sicknesses, diseases and sin, but no-one has ever died because of territorial spirits. This should be settled for ever.

No-one should be afraid to attempt mighty things in the Almighty Name of the Lord Jesus because they feel they are too young. They can start attacking the Enemy at the highest level as very young believers if they have the faith and the burden to do it. Samson's first battle was with a lion and he killed it. David had destroyed a lion and a bear before he was old enough to join the army of Israel. Let the young believers who are burning to do great things in the Name of the Lord Jesus and to advance Our work go on. They are protected. They are protected. They are protected. The Lord Jesus proclaimed and proclaims, "I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing. He will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father" (John 14 : 12). Son, have you seen it? The Word says, "Anyone who has faith in Me." Anyone includes young believers who have faith in the Lord Jesus!

Encourage all believers to arise and do great deeds. Encourage them to arise and take entire   villages,




for the Lord Jesus. Yes, let them arise and attempt the near impossible and I will back them solidly. Will some dare to ask Me for entire continents?

Encourage all believers to. arise and carry out  21-day,

fasts and I will stand with them. Let them arise and carry out : one,

of these a year, each one as his faith and ability allow him or her, and I will stand by those who dare. The Enemy shall be powerless over them.

Encourage all believers to carry out :      24-hour,


prayer sieges and I will back them up. Let them carry out one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve and more of these every year, and nothing shall harm them. Let them carry out :


or more forty-day Prayer Crusades of praying eight, nine, ten, eleven or twelve hours every day or every night, and nothing shall harm them. Let them carry out these prayer crusades :

            in pairs,
            in trios,
            in small groups,
            in big groups,

and they shall suffer no harm, regardless of what aspect of the Enemy's kingdom is attacked. Truly, truly, I say to you, those who so battle will only rise to new levels of authority before Me and against the Enemy. The Enemy shall always be powerless against such soldiers.

Encourage those who are able to give Me :


of their income to dare and do so and not go about it slowly, because the god of this world has been judged and the course of this world is uncertain. No-one will be attacked by the Enemy for reckless transfer of funds from the uncertain accounts of earthly banks into the secure accounts of heaven. Rather, such radical soldiers shall know My power and My glory in new and unusual measures. As things go out of a life, We (the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit) move in more fully to occupy the space that is made available on the heart, and new levels of intimacy are established between Us and the daring saint.

Encourage those who want to invest sixteen,
                                                            eighteen nineteen,

hours of their time into hard work for Me and for Our work to do so. They shall suffer no harm. Worldly people are making such investments of time into transient or sinful things without injury to their systems. Why should My children not carry out similar exploits unharmed? The truth is that good health is more the possession of those who work hard than that of those who are lazy and complain about one part of their body or the other. Let some rise up in supreme separation from : all sin,
            all self,
            all love of the world,

and then give the time - 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 or 22 hours of work under the leadership of the Holy Spirit, and they shall have their strength renewed every day and live on to a ripe old age in sound health.

I have only one warning for those who dare to come out of the failure of mediocrity. Great deeds, great sacrifices, bold attack at satanic strongholds, bold confrontations with Satan himself, the attempts to possess entire

                                                      groups of nations,  

for Me or to do any exceedingly great exploits against the Enemy in:

  • soul-winning,
  • building young converts,
  • leadership training,
  • church-planting,
  • fasting,
  • prayer,
  • giving,
  • hard work,
  • investment of time,
  • etc.,

that are carried out by people who love the things of the world, love the world, love or practise sin, love self in its various manifestations, will not work. Those who lack absolute integrity in financial matters or in relating to the opposite sex, or who long for glory in this life, could die because of having sinned unto death in one of these areas. If such a daring one dies because that one sinned unto death, it could be mistaken for the Enemy's counter attacks.

For the safety of those who want to do great exploits for Us, the law is settled. Spiritual battles are for those who are pure in heart. People of questionable separation from sin, the love of the things of the world, the love of the world, the love of self are deceived to want to do great exploits for Us. The only great deeds that have a place before Us are those that spring from pure hearts (and every believer who wants a pure heart can have a pure heart). The exploits of those whose hearts are impure are not recorded here. They have wasted their efforts. Every believer who is serious should put away all sin, all self, all love of the world and all love of the things that are in the world, and ask and receive a pure heart and keep the pure heart pure by ensuring that the pure heart is filled with the Holy Spirit. The Lord Jesus was full of the Holy Spirit when He went into the forty-day fast, and Satan was powerless against Him.

All believers who are filled with the Holy Spirit (and all believers can be filled with the Holy Spirit if they will to be filled) can attempt any kind of exploits for Us without fear of being hurt by the Enemy, regardless of who they are, regardless of their spiritual ages or experience. Those who refuse to be filled with the Holy Spirit attempt great deeds to their own peril.

The book, "The Sin Before You Could Lead To Immediate Death" is a handbook for all believers. It is a must reading for those involved in warfare. Do everything to ensure that all the saints in Our work read it.

All believers must know that Satan, demons and territorial spirits are not the critical problem, but sin in any form and sin in every form could lead to a person's undoing. Some are weak, others are sick and others have died amongst you because of sin.

This is a trumpet call to great deeds, great exploits and the attempting of the near impossible from all Mine who are pure and filled with the Holy Spirit to overflowing. Let all such come forth as a matter of urgency. I need them now! I need them now!! I need them now!!!

Professor Zacharias Tanee Fomum

Mbale, Uganda


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