A Word of Encouragement

A Word of Encouragement
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There are couples where one partner believes and the other one does not believe or where one party is consecrated and the other one is carnal and worldly.

I want to tell you not to despair.

The genealogy of victorious Christian faith which we see here of Lois - Eunice - Timothy is a genealogy along the female line. No mention is made of the faith of Timothy’s grand-father. He was probably an unbeliever. What of his father? He was a Greek unbeliever. So, we can say that Lois’ husband was an unbeliever and Eunice’s husband was certainly an unbeliever. Nevertheless, these women soared the heights of the Christian faith, undeterred by their unbelieving partners, and made a significant contribution through Timothy to the Christian cause. Their unbelieving husbands must have transmitted negative influences but these women by a very deep and radical commitment to the Lord poured out their whole selves, neutralized the negative impact and built in Timothy a sincere faith.

Do not be discouraged by your unbelieving mate or your superficial partner. You can still impart to your children a living, dynamic faith in the Lord. If you are already married, the crucial question is not the impact of your mate’s unbelief on your children. The question is whether your commitment to the Lord is deep and radical enough to establish victory. Are you compromising somewhere? Are you half-hearted in some area of your commitment? Is your heart divided? What of your loyalty to the Lord? If the Lord is satisfied with your life, commitment and service then you need not worry about your progeny. God will take care of them.

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