Back to Bethel: An Edifice of Living Stones (ZT Fomum)

Back to Bethel: An Edifice of Living Stones (ZT Fomum)
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The Lord Jesus Christ said He was building His church. The building material of His church is made of living stones.

Since the Lord only adds living stones, we can be sure that all whom He adds are genuine and living.

The Lord never adds the dead. If you are dead, the Lord has not added you.

People do not die in the church. The dead in the church are corpses that mistakenly got where believers were. The corpses might have been invited or accepted in the church by man. They might have been well-treated, given a Bible, loved and catered for in the physical, etc. but the truth is that a corpse will always go away. Corpses do not enjoy the company of the living.

When you look at some people in the church, your spirit tells you that they lack life. But you can be sure that all whom the Lord adds are living and genuine. Judas was among the twelve - casting out demons and performing wonders. He might have told himself that he was great. He could do what Jesus did, but the works did not make him authentic. Jesus knew who he was, and knew from the very beginning that he would betray Him. In fact, Judas was never really among the Lord’s twelve. It is said of an African President that he allowed those who were plotting against him in his government, even for many years. He only kept an eye on them. He knew they were enemies and time proved them for what they were.

You remember Haman being invited by Queen Esther for the banquet. He began to think of how important he was. He was flattered into thinking that he was the only one allowed to come with the king. Little did he realise that the handwriting was on the wall. The handwriting is on the wall against those in the church whom the Lord has not added.

Could it be that God knows you to be fake, and has given you a special place as He gave Judas? He gave Judas the most important ministry, the ministry of finance. Do you give the purse to just anybody? I am amazed by the ways of the Lord Jesus. Judas thought everything was in his hands, even the purse. Even at the final banquet, Judas had a place of special honour.

Is that what God has been doing to you? Then, consider this message love’s last appeal to you; love’s final invitation. If you do not respond as you should, then tomorrow will begin your night – Judas went out and it was night. It was a night that grew and enveloped him till suicide.

To you who have a divided heart, and are enemy to the gospel, it could be that if you do not repent after reading this message, you could leave it and move into the darkness of your soul, ending in spiritual death. Could it be that your spiritual death has already begun? Dare you take God’s love and mercy for granted?

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