Day 4: 2022 Fasting, Praise & Prayer Crusade - A Recap

Day 4: 2022 Fasting, Praise & Prayer Crusade - A Recap
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Brother Theodore Andoseh, Leader of the Christian Missionary Fellowship International, on the fourth night of the ongoing Praise, Prayer, and Fasting Crusade continued to expound on "How To Become a Spiritual Nation."

Recalling his message of the previous night, the leader explained once more that there are two ways to become a nation, the way of Esau which is the outward way, the carnal way, and the way of lip service. And the way of Jacob which is the way of the heart. This way of Jacob, the leader, specified, is the way of separations—separation from family, and from idols. It is the way of holiness and that is the only way God produces a spiritual nation.

Brother Theodore further specified that on this pathway, God does not skip any step. He illustrated this in the life of Jacob with some striking biblical facts:

  • After crookedly obtaining the birthright, he was made to marry the firstborn of Laban daughters, Leah when he had indeed paid the bride price for the younger one, again;
  • Jacob had to separate, just as his forefathers, Abraham and Isaac, from the foreign nations even when such alliances seemed to be beneficial. That was the case of the people of Sichem where Jacob had bought a plot of land and could ally with Hamor of Sichem. Yet the Lord instructed him to leave from there and go back to Bethel, his earlier consecrations

Elaborating further, brother Theodore, disclosed that in Matthew the Lord Jesus mentions 9 possible deviations from the way of the upward call. These include

  • The narrow gate and the large gate
  • The broad way and the narrow way
  • The wise builders. That is ministries built on the rock, that have a lot of knowledge and obey,
  • The foolish builders, ministries built on sand, who have a lot of knowledge without obedience
  • The obedient son and the disobedient son
  • The faithful servant and the wicked servant
  • The goats that lead themselves and the sheep that allow themselves to be led
  • The wise virgins and the foolish virgins which represent two types of brides one who had paid oil, that is the price to maintain her Christian life and one that had not.

The leader then urged each one to examine themselves and make peace with all the things they were taught since childhood and which they are fighting with. He specified that they are not CMFI things, they are requirements from God.

He concluded the message by announcing that from the next night we shall start seeing how to build a spiritual nation and pray. For this purpose, he encouraged each one to acquire a copy of the book Disciples of  Jesus-Christ to make disciples for Jesus-Christ

Note that the celebration slot today focused again on the man ZTF that God has multiplied into the now-grooming ZTF spiritual nation. This slot was also enhanced by proclamations under the leadership of the brethren from the Garoua Spiritual nation.



  1. Disciples of the Jesus-Christ to make disciples for Jesus-Christ
  2. Personal Spiritual Revival
  3. The Ministry of Fasting
  4. Life-Changing Thoughts on Fasting (Vol 1)
  5. Practical Helps in Fasting Long Fasts
  6. Building a Spiritual Nation

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