Dead to Self and the Capacity to Impact Life - 2

Dead to Self and the Capacity to Impact Life - 2
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For the married, the wife may contribute zero, or even negative. If she contributes zero, it is no big deal provided the man contributes 100%.

She may contribute minus 100%, but the man should contribute 100%.

Adam had to die 100% so that the rib might be removed from him. That rib became his wife. There is need for the men to die. If they do not die, God cannot get out the ribs from them. Normally you do not operate a fully awake person.

Once in High School I had to do a dissection exercise on a cockroach. I pinned the living cockroach and began to dissect it. My teacher was mad at me for being that merciless to the insect.

The men do not die and yet get married. The women are also not ready to wait till the men are dead. They hurriedly want to have them as they are.

A man who dies 100% can take a woman from any degree and restore her to perfect glory. We do not ask to what level the woman has sunk. We ask, is the man dead 100%?

If there is a broken relationship somewhere, it can be mended. You must just be ready to die 100%. In negotiations, no one dies. Negotiations have as goal, the preservation of self. Someone must own up that he is 100% wrong. That he is responsible 100% and must furnish a 100% solution, the other party having nothing to contribute. When the 100% is put in, it will walk. The 100% has never failed.

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