Indulgent Parents (Z.T. Fomum)

Indulgent Parents (Z.T. Fomum)
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Indulgent parents are the most terrible thing that happened in all of creation. They are there to produce children that cannot fight. May God convict you of this sin as a parent. You are the type that does not produce soldiers. Your progeny will lack the power to fight at any level.

I command indulgent parents to repent. The children soak clothes for days. The bed is not made. Clothes are scattered all over. The kitchen is in total disorder. All is laziness and indulgence. Books are started but not read through to finish. Letters are begun but not written completely. Studies are begun but not completed. Everything carries a mark of paralysis. There is a heaviness as of lead around everything. All that is your making. You cannot run. You cannot go on prayer walks.

You want to lie down and read, meditate, etc. It is not possible for you to stand up and do things. You pray in bed. You started by being indulgent and the spirit of indulgence came and took over. You are possessed. You are now controlled by a spirit. I charge you in the name of the Lord Jesus to repent.

Just look at the way some dress; very strangely. Even the God-given good looks are buried in disorder. Shoes are scattered. Some things are hung, others lying. They are tired at eleven in the morning.

When you see such a home, go to the mother. She was indulgent with her daughter. We have only one heart. You cannot be indulgent in natural things and not be indulgent in the spiritual things. It will flow in everything everywhere.
Who made history with indulgence as part of his life? Who broke through new grounds with indulgence? You may think that you have gone far, but you are not where you could have been, had you not been indulgent.

Gluttons are dishonest, whether they be fat gluttons or thin gluttons. Overweight people are dishonest. Often they will say they do not eat much, but yet they grow fat. Perhaps – air makes them fat! The greater sin is not so much the food as it is their falsehood. Unless they repent from the falsehood and dishonesty, it is not possible that they lose weight and maintain it.

Have you ever owned up that you are a glutton? Own up to it. God cannot give leadership to the indulgent.

Men may give leadership to the indulgent, but it will not go far. It takes bleeding sacrifices to reach to God’s best.

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