Life-changing Thoughts On Marriage

Life-changing Thoughts On Marriage
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THERE ARE HUSBANDS who know what is wrong with their wives but they would not confront them. There is a time when you should be a wife to be a sister in the Lord.

After all you were brother and sister before you became husband and wife. If he would not listen, write a 10 page letter sit him down and say ‘brother let me save you from God’s wrath and not become a young widow’… and expose his falsehood to him one after another. Keep a copy somewhere.

If you have something in your heart against your husband which you have not told him, God will deal with you.

And husband, make a list of what is wrong with your wife and sit her down and go to one thing after another. Each of you should write it all before handing a copy to the person.

Make sure you keep a copy before you give his/her copy.

And when they are telling you what is wrong with you, do not utter a word. And when you receive a copy, do not rush to read, wait. Keep it and take it before God and pray: ‘God, I am about to confront the hypocrisy, the truth about myself, perhaps for the first time. Help me to accept the truth. Ask the Holy Spirit to show you even what is not there.

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