Our Ministry And Long Fasts (Zacharias T. Fomum)

Our Ministry And Long Fasts (Zacharias T. Fomum)
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There are things that will only take place in your life through fasting. In long fasts we address the enemy. The devil is stricken by long fasts. In prayer, we address our Father. This is what happens generally.



This evening we prayed from 6:00 p.m. to 18.30 p.m. We took an advantage to count the number of 40-day fasts in that meeting. They were fifty nine. Ruth Ndasi was just finishing her eighteenth 40-day fast.

In long fasts we address the enemy. The devil is stricken by long fasts. In prayer, we address our Father. This is what happens generally. I am presently in a forty-day fast so that the goals of this year are accomplished. I am not going to lock up myself in a room because I am fasting. In this fast, I have done forty-seven kilometre walk from Sanaga to Bafia. We are also praying every night. On Thursday I am going to preach in Belgium.

The goal of my fast is that the 250.000 people we want added in our ministry be added. It is a fast for the goal. You could fast so that the 750 House Churches in Yaounde for this year be accomplished. If there is hunger for God, there will be hunger to see the lost saved.

The following are some of the Yaounde key women of my ministry: Sr. Emilia Ndinteh, Sr. Esther Kouanang, Sr. Celine Bidja, Sr. Henriette, Sr. Prisca Fomum, Mama Evelyne, Sr. Ida Gwan, Sr. Anastasia Nganomo, Sr. Annette Allhdoum, Sr. Ida Signing.

Incidentally, they have one thing in common. They are all involved in 40-day fasts. We have the following records in fasting :

  • Sr. Ruth Ndasi has done 18 forty-day fasts.

  • Sr. Esther kouanang has done 12 forty-day fasts.

  • Br. Victor Allahdoum has done 7 forty-day fasts.

  • Sr. Annette Allahdoum has done 7 forty-day fasts.

  • There are lots of others who have done one, two, three, forty-day fasts.

Another sister, Jeanne Lawrence has emerged. She has been leading the choir. You cannot dissociate it from the price she has paid in fasting. She has done four forty-day fasts. There is a relationship between fasting and spiritual might. There is a relationship especially between a forty-day fast and spiritual power. We could represent this as below:

Screen Shot 2018 10 07 at 10.34.07 PM

Brother Victor Allahdoum, through his many forty-day fasts has emerged as a church planter. He wins people to the Lord. Even if he had no natural abilities, the spiritual capacities that come with fasting have contributed to make the man that he is.


If you run away from long fasts, you have run away from greatness. Some years ago, Sr. Henriette Mbarga could not fast beyond three days. Presently, she is on her third forty-day fast. Fasting is not a natural capacity.

Mind you, food is good and we like it. Do not say that those who fast were framed for it. Do not say, “I am thin, so I cannot fast”. Fasting has nothing to do with size. Brother Victor Allahdoum who has done seven forty-day fasts is a thin man.

There are things that will only take place in your life through fasting. Jesus said, “This kind of spirit can only go out through fasting and prayer.” If fasting is not part of your life, then you cannot cast out such demons.

If there are obstacles in your life and ministry that can only be eliminated by fasting and prayer, they will abide until you fast and pray.

Ruth Ndasi is going to do four forty-day fasts this year. Next year she will do four, and her goal for fasting will be accomplished. Then she will go round the world teaching women to fast.

The secret of the revival in Indonesia lay in fasting. In the Overseas Missionary Fellowship, within twenty-five years 21.750 forty-day fasts were recorded.

This year the prince of Cameroon, the satanic personality responsible for Satan’s affairs in our nation will be unseated. For the overthrow, we shall do a total of 250 forty-day fasts. Added to these there will be 50 other fasts of less than forty days.

I hope to get 150 forty-day fasts from Yaounde; 100 from Douala and the rest of the nation will help us give God more than He has required. That will be around July this year.


If I am being used, it is these people and countless others, who are doing the battling. This is where it is determinant. Those doing the long fasts are the deciders of the battle. It is a whole long list.


Why don’t you stand behind some minister, and make him great? I could walk from Sanaga to Bafia because Lucas was there to drop me and Israel was there as my body-guard. In one of the walks to possess the land for the head-quarters of our ministry, I started at 3:40 a.m. It was still dark. Sister Nya Alice, encouraged by Sister Emilia Ndinteh got the brethren praying from midnight to 8.00 a.m. in Bafia. Then she and some people in the car were driving and praying until they saw us far away from Bafia. The participants are many.

At the judgement seat of Christ, there will be great joy to see those who will come for the reward. Because the headquarters will be there, before the year ends I must walk from Yaounde to the Sanaga, so as to bless the road we will be using every day. It shall be a church road. It will also be to plant churches along that road.


Lay hold on something big for God. God will give it to you. The visa for Mozambique will be here next Friday. It is being gotten by Brother Mathew Ngo. He has already handed the dossier. Do not measure people by their size. Secondly, do not measure people by their diplomas. You can be a “Doctor Nothing.”


There is God’s favour (from God’s part) and the price paid (from man’s part). Mathew in his 40 day fast was carrying a huge man who decided that only the pastor will carry him. And Mathew was that pastor. If somewhere in your being there is an inclination to ease, you will not emerge spiritually. If something flows through a life, then a price has been paid.

  • If something flows in a family;

  • If something flows in an assembly;

  • If something flows in a church;

  • If something flows in a nation; 

a price has been paid. God’s favour must come in, but it must meet a price paid, and then explosive things happen. When divine favour and the price paid meet, things that cannot be explained happen.

I was about bringing back Brother S. T. from the mission field. But he has repented. His problem was laziness. He confesses to have majored in the minors and consequently has gone nowhere. I believe his repentance. Things will change in the country where he is missionary. He will no longer major in the things which cost him nothing.

The church in Libreville moved from 200 to 400 last year. Their goal is to be 1.500 this year. They want Brother Jacques Yougang and I to come and see their strategy before they launch. They also want to be advised on their investments to World Conquest. As of now they give heavily to the General Fund and to the International Missionary Fund of our ministry. God is working in the mission fields. We give Him the glory.

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