Quotable Quotes (ZT Fomum)

Quotable Quotes (ZT Fomum)
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  1. God had a goal in creation and redemption. He is working at that goal. What about you? Be an imitator of God!


  2. The Lord Jesus had a clear goal. He worked at it and accomplished it. Do you have a clear goal? Are you working at it? Will you accomplish your goal?

  3. The Lord Jesus was sold out to the "Must" of His life. What are you sold out to?

  4. The apostle Paul had one overriding purpose. What about you?

  5. The devil has a goal. He is working hard to accomplish it. He is labouring without ceasing. What about you? Are you sleeping while your adversary the enemy is working to undo you? Jesus said, "Watch and pray that you may not enter into temptation."

  6. Those who refuse to make clear goals have made it their goal to fail.

  7. It is not too late to start making goals and labouring to accomplish them. You should start today even if you have wasted your life in the past pursuing nothing in particular.

  8. You will be in the future what you decide today to be.

  9. The winner has a clear cut goal and he works at it night and day. The loser gives himself to everything and finally to nothing. Are you a winner or a loser?

  10. Lazy and indisciplined people hide their purposelessness under the cloak of waiting unendingly on God for directions.

  11. The person who wants to catch two fishes in one go may find that he ends up catching none of them. The successful person will eliminate the bad, the neutral, the good and the better and concentrate solely on the best.

  12. God will bless the one who puts his all into the task to which He has called him, whereas the one who decides actively to withhold part of the price has chosen to fail. Have you given your project all that you have?

  13. The crown is not given to the athlete at the beginning of the race but at the end. Those who accomplish their projects will receive their crowns from the Lord. Those who do not accomplish their God-given projects have laboured in vain.

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