Rhema For 2020

Rhema For 2020
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This is what the Lord says:

“Phase One and the goal of phase one has been accomplished in My victory and in triumph!

The principalities and powers, the hosts of wickedness, have been overthrown, bound, vanquished and I have given you unparalleled opportunities and assured victory:


  • in Yaoundé, in all Yaoundé
  • in Douala, in all Douala
  • in Cameroon, throughout the entire nation
  • in the nations
  • on the continents of the world.

I have given you victory and guaranteed your success with regards to the goal as you believed Me and obeyed Me, as you have begun to experience in a very little way; and as many more will experience as they believe and obey Me and believe My servant and pursue the goal.

The initial investments for the revival of CMFI and the greater revival all over the world have begun, and I have called home my servant in triumph and glory after giving clear instructions for the revival and for the accomplishment of the goal of the ministry,

  • The initial investments in prayer and in massive, collective, fasting have begun.
  • The initial investments in sanctification, plowing of the hearts and praise have begun and shall be pursued.

The revival of all in CMFI (including all who have left to commence ministries in rebellion or independence, and even those who have completely backslidden) and the greater, more sweeping revival of all nations in your generation, is the legacy of Zach Fomum to you!

The accomplishment of the goal of one billion disciples in the fervor of their first love for the Lord Jesus Christ is henceforth granted, vouched by My pledge and My power.

I am the Guarantor of the goal and the total accomplishment of the overall vision! The goal, My goal, is guaranteed and its accomplishment is certain!

The ZTF legacy for you! My legacy for you is beyond the vision and the goal of our ministry. It is nothing short of the heaven-rending, earth-shaking and Christ-glorifying global revival in this generation:

  • the revival of the first love for the Lord Jesus Christ
  • the revival of unprecedented miracles, signs, and wonders that will compel the nations to believe
  • the revival of holiness, judgments and the fear of God in high and low places
  • the revival that will sweep the billions to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and presidents, ministers, directors, generals and highly placed people.
  • the revival that will sweep entire families, villages, tribes, cities, and nations to Christ.
  • the revival of My power and My mighty presence.

I have been with you through the crisis season of my servant’s death and the move and settling at the headquarters. as well as the turning of the entire ministry back to God and back to the goal through obedience to the Santa Cruz prophecy; and you have victoriously accomplished the goal of Phase Two, and I have been glorified!

The goal of Phase Two has been accomplished, and you are almost three million in over 110 nations. You have had the Phase Two convention in Koume, with delegates from almost 100 nations and I have been glorified. I have been exalted by the accomplished goal and by the convention held!

My children have been greatly encouraged and uplifted and many have irrevocably committed themselves to the goal, and I have won in the hearts and lives of multitudes who attended or followed the convention! You cannot yet imagine the impact of the convention nor the victory of the Lord in the lives of many: young and old, senior and young converts.

The Lord is victorious! I have won!

The Lord is victorious! I have won hearts.

The Lord is victorious! I have won in the hearts and lives of multitudes and in many churches and nations and mission fields.

The convention is My victory.

The convention is an eternal victory before Me.” Says the Lord:


“I have led you and been with you throughout Phase One.

I have led you and been with you throughout Phase Two.

I have led you and blessed you as you followed my Word and followed my servant.

I am coming with you into Phase Three and it will be a very short phase.

I will accomplish the goal in a very short time!

Disciples who are in the zeal of their first love for Jesus Christ shall abound and multiply and work tirelessly.

Profiles, leaders, pillars, princes, missionaries, statesmen, distinct ministries, distinct spiritual gifts, and many unusual spiritual experiences, will multiply and abound in the work.

Common brethren will emerge into very mighty men and women; many children will become unusual spiritual phenomena and My glory and presence will fill the work! Phase Three will not last a long time as the other phases!

Doors and nations have already opened before you.

My anointing has come upon many.

Believe Me and dare courageously.

Come with Me and release My anointing that is upon you.

Believe Me and come with Me into My victories.

I banish independence and disloyalty from your midst.

I banish unbelief and fear from your hearts.

I banish complaints and distrust of each other.

Come with Me as a mighty overcomer company.

Come with Me, My mighty overcomer company.

You are a mighty company.

You are an overcomer company.

You are the Lord’s overcomer company.

And I am with you and in your midst.

I am the Lord of hosts; you are My hosts.

I am the Lord of hosts; you are the Lord’s hosts.

And victory is guaranteed.

Your victory is guaranteed because My victory is sure!!”


Koumé, 31st December. 2019.

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