The Centrality of Prayer - 3

The Centrality of Prayer - 3
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The greater the intensity of prayer, the greater the intensity of God’s favour.

Has it ever occurred to you that it is not your natural abilities that are determinant but that everything depends on God’s blessings? Jacob and Esau knew it. They knew that the future did not depend upon their abilities but on who had the blessing.

And the place of prayer is the place of blessing.

The praying one is blessed.

Those who continue in prayer continue in blessing.

Those who advance in prayer advance in blessing.

Those who backslide in prayer also move away from the place of blessing.

Do you know that your health is not dependent upon your natural constitution but on your prayer constitution? God has cast His lot, as if it were, on the side of prayer. And the Lord Jesus Christ, since His return to the throne, does only one thing - He prays. And the Enemy has turned you into an activist running to and fro, up and down, to and fro, up and down; no time to pray. You throw a few words as you are running up and down, to and fro. And you know who does that. Nothing is settled in prayer. Nothing is received in prayer. God is not brought down in prayer. The devil is not uprooted and thrown out in prayer. You hug him at home. You hug him by your prayerlessness. O.K, continue to hug him. The prayerless man is his own personal enemy. Do you know that by your prayerlessness you have set yourself as your fiercest opponent? How can a man hate himself so much? If a man hates others, he is a fool. When a man hates himself and sets out to destroy himself and hardens his heart to destroy himself and to destroy his progeny - grandchildren and great-grandchildren - he is the greatest fool! And as a prayerless father, you are the beginning point of generations that will fail, because your children will know no radical turning to God. They will know no radical pursuit of God! They will know no radical sacrifice for God! They will know no radical vision for God! They will not see. They will not lay hold. They will not triumph because, unfortunately for them, they had you for a father. That is the inheritance you have left them.

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