The Need For Financial Accountability In Homes

The Need For Financial Accountability In Homes
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Finally, where are you practising falsehood in financial matters? Who has a budget here that is in his mind; it is not written? I want to beg every married woman to see the husband's written budget. 

Do not say you believe your husband. Do not believe in the flesh. You must have heard one wife say, "My husband has fictive goals. I ask for the budget." He may say you do not believe him. If you do not see it, one day they may call you to come and bail him out of prison. I want you to see it because evil men have come into the church. Liars of the 'baddest' kind have come into the church. Always insist that your husband should show you the family finances and budget. I know a couple. They have been married for at least 56 years and the husband has no account anywhere. The woman who says, "I believe my husband," is allowing herself to be controlled by demons. Do not believe. Do not see with the ears. They see with the eyes. Verify when he says he has given to God. The god may be him. Who is the god? He might have made himself god. If he says, he has paid the landlord, go and check with the landlord.

There must be rugged accountability for everything. The person who does not crumble around his finances, cannot crumble in other matters. If you are a wicked woman because you must see, be a wicked woman. If he says, 'You don't believe me,' say 'I believe figures.' Know a man's financial history before you marry him. Figures speak the language of true conversion. If the man is not true about money, there is a deep wound in his heart.

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