About His Co-Workers: Philip and Ruth Donald (Zacharias T. Fomum)

I thank God for Philip Ndasi. From the time I got to London, even from Italy, he served.

 Special prayer Night, Yaounde, 13th September 2005

Philip and his wife are servants. Even Ndongmo and the wife. There were many people I was seeing for the first time. I told the church in Paris to rent a hall whatever it will cost. In London, they rent a hall for 2.5 million a month. It can hold 150 people.

Ndongmo and his wife are a good couple, they coordinate the work there. They are committed to the work. They were telling me of a mother who read Discipleship at any Cost and it shocked her beyond measure. The whole matter of giving God all is the scandal of this generation. But until all is given, nothing is given. Jesus came to die and own men totally.

Back from London and Paris, Yaounde, 2nd June, 2008

  1. Lord, thank You for the bigger hall looked for in London.
  2. Lord, thank You for the hospitality of Philip and Ruth.
  3. Lord, thank You that people were all over, but each one was receiving personal attention, not just food but ministry.
  4. Lord, thank You that without a pastor’s heart one cannot succeed much.
  5. Lord, thank You that without a pastor’s wife one cannot succeed much.
  6. Lord, thank You that without a pastor’s home one cannot succeed much.
  7. Lord, thank You for the Ndasis who have a heart for everybody.
  8. Lord thank You that there was a lot of food.

Tuesday Teaching Meeting

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