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I Made A Terrible Mistake! (Z.T. Fomum)


We had been married for three months when I started comparing her with other girls whose tender care I had discouraged. She was not as hard- working as Monique or Chantal. She neither had the wit nor the sense of humour of Marie-Claire or Suzanne. She was far from being as sensuous as Sylvie or Dorotha. She lacked this and she lacked that. I was bored with her. I had made the wrong choice. It was the drama of my life. I needed to divorce her before it was too late. I kept thinking

Sexual Purity (ZT Fomum)

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There is a sense in which God makes even a prostitute into a virgin at conversion! May the girls rise up and say, “I do not want to have the marks of one man on my body and live with another in marriage”. May the men say, “I want to give myself to one woman for ever.

Sexual Impact 4/4

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There came a day in my life when I was led to pray as follows: “Lord, grant that I should appear physically unattractive, yea, Lord, physically displeasing to all the women on the Planet Earth, except the one woman whom You have ordained to be my wife. May there be no comeliness in me to be desired by any other woman. May all of them see me as ugly, except my wife. My Lord, grant that it should be so now and until You come again. Amen.