Testimony of the healing of Ayih Pierre

Testimony of the healing of Ayih Pierre
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 My name is AYIH Pierre. I was born on 21st July 1938 at Aneho in Togo. I arrived in Gabon in 1962at the age of 24. I am 70 years old today. One Sunday, precisely on 6th October 2004,

I was heading for a meeting of Togolese citizens residing in Gabon when after leaving my house and hardly having made more than four steps, I felt a violent knock on my right shinbone.

I felt the knock right up to my knee, meanwhile, nothing visible had touched me or fallen. I felt a sharp pain in my leg where I felt the knock. So I had to hire a taxi in order to get to the venue of the meeting. When I got to the venue, I could not alight from the car. My fellow citizens had to come and carry me into the hall. At the end of the meeting, a nephew of mine who is a medical doctor took me to his clinic to administer Profinid injections and dropped me at home thereafter. From that moment and for four days, everything seemed to have gone back to order.

But from the fifth day, I was beset by violent pains on the leg and I was taken to the hospital. At the hospital, an x-ray was done that revealed, to my greatest surprise, that the bone was fractured. The leg was then placed in plaster of Paris for one month. In spite of all the medical care at the hospital, the leg did not improve. I still suffered terribly; so I decided to go to Lome. There, at the hospital, the specialists did not diagnose anything that justified the pain I was feeling. At that time one of my fellow citizens proposed to take me to a native doctor. Looking at me, the latter was surprised that I had not yet died and revealed to me that a spell had been cast on me. He gave me plenty of treatment which yielded no fruit. From then on, I went from one native doctor to another with no effective treatment. I wasted more than 600 000 Frs on these.

I even went to a church where prayers were said, but they did not yield the best results. On 17th April 2008, I came back to Gabon without receiving the healing that I had gone to seek. One evening I was at my home when I heard praise not far from the house. My wife informed me that it was from a church. Three days after my return, that is, on Sunday 20th April, I went to attend worship at this unknown church. On leaving Lome, the pastor of the church where I was fellowshipping had recommended that I should attend only a church where baptism is done by immersion. When I learnt that it was baptism by immersion that was practised there, my heart got attached to this church. I learnt later on that the Church was the Christian Missionary Fellowship International Church in Libreville.

A mature brother began to counsel me. He often paid me visits and exhorted me very much. When the Convention with Professor Fomum began, I attended the teaching on Thursday 22nd in the evening and on the 24th throughout the day. Definitely, on Sunday 25th, that is the great day, the day of great hope for me, I was present right from the beginning of the meeting. Towards the end of the meeting, while the sick were being prayed for, I felt intense heat on my sick right leg, spreading from the ankle right to the knee. After the heat, I felt total calm: no more pains. I had just gotten healed. When those who had been healed were called forward, I got up promptly and went up to the stage. For the first time in many years, I could walk without my walking stick, which I couldn’t dispense with before then, since I supported myself on it as I strained to walk. I climbed up the staircase with much ease and began to walk freely on the stage, while my walking stick was with one pastor. I give thanks to God for this miracle that He performed on me


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