Title Published Date
The Importance of Planning (Z.T. Fomum) 18 September 2022
Redeeming The Time (Z.T. Fomum) 11 September 2022
Giving to the Lord and the Lord’s Work  (Z.T. Fomum) 04 September 2022
The Way To Fruit Bearing (Z.T. Fomum) 21 August 2022
The Operation of the Law of the Spirit of Life in Christ (Z.T. Fomum) 07 August 2022
The Joy of the Sanctified Life (Z.T. Fomum) 31 July 2022
Be A Servant, or Better Still, A Slave (Z.T. Fomum) 17 July 2022
You Are Responsible for the Condition of Your Heart (Z.T. Fomum) 11 July 2022
Soul-Winning: A Priority (Z.T. Fomum) 21 June 2022
Be Ye Imitators of Me (Z.T. Fomum) 12 June 2022
Vision is Indispensable (Z.T. Fomum) 05 June 2022
The Pathway To Permanent Greatness (Z.T. Fomum) 29 May 2022
The Indispensability of Training (Z.T. Fomum) 22 May 2022
The Relationship Between the Disciple and the Disciple-Maker 15 May 2022
Leading Someone To Christ 08 May 2022
Distinctive Ministry and “Full-Time” Work 02 May 2022
The Supreme Need: Labourers 24 April 2022
The Beginning of a Distinctive Ministry 17 April 2022
A Sense of Purpose and Destiny 10 April 2022
Backsliding And Restoration to a Life of Fasting (Z.T. Fomum) 15 October 2021
Those Who Will Not go to Heaven (Z.T. Fomum) 25 July 2021
The Manifestations of The Lordship of Self 06 May 2020
The Pathway to Revival: Accountability 12 March 2020
The Pathway to Revival: The Need For Repentance (ZT Fomum) 08 March 2020
God, Money, And You 28 February 2020
Rhema For 2020 06 January 2020
Back to Bethel: Revival in The Discipline of Fasting (ZT Fomum) 03 May 2019
Back to Bethel: Retreats For Spiritual Progress (Z.T. Fomum) 27 April 2019
The Laws of Confession (Zacharias T. Fomum) 15 April 2019
The Call For Exceedingly Great Deeds (Z.T. Fomum) 30 March 2019
You Can Receive a Heart Free From Idols Today (Z.T. Fomum) 25 February 2019
Back to Bethel: Bible Reading (ZT Fomum) 23 January 2019
Back to Bethel: Spiritual Roots (Zacharias T. Fomum) 10 January 2019
Back to Bethel - The Call of God For CMFI in 2019 06 January 2019
The Wayside of The World And The Wayside in The Church (Zacharias T. Fomum) 15 December 2018
A Sinner Turns to Christ: A Testimony 17 December 2017