Ministry Fast: 12 Oct - 20 Nov 2020

Ministry Fast: 12 Oct - 20 Nov 2020
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Join me and all the ministry in the fast from 12th October 2020 to 20th November 2020 as God enables you to thank the Lord for the hosting of the convention and for the effective take-off of phase 3 in spite of the depressive circumstances in the nations.







Precious and Beloved Brethren,

Praise the Lord!

Praise the Lord our God!! For He has done great things for us! Great and wonderful things!

“Give thanks to the Lord, call on his Name, make known among the nations what He has done. Sing to Him, sing praise to Him; tell of all his wonderful acts. Glory in his Holy Name, let the hearts of those who seek the Lord rejoice.” Psalms 105: 1-3.

The 3rd world convention of Christian Missionary Fellowship International was an event of God’s doing. It gathered about 30 000 participants from 97 nations from all six continents for 15 days in Koumé – Bertoua. The Lord greatly deployed His might to bring and take back safely all the delegates from every nation and to feed adequately all the delegates during the two weeks of the event. We should thank the Lord for making this pivotal event possible before the global pandemic of covid-19 struck and the ensuing measures of containment which could have made any such event impossible. The Lord is great. He has led us and He is our guide. Glory be to His Name.

Phase two of our goal has been completed. Phase three of the goal has begun since the 1st January 2020. The believers in our work are about 3 100 000 in 114 countries, meeting in more than 13 000 localities and in more than 23 000 house churches! We must present to God one million house churches of between 50 – 100 members each, led by one million disciple-makers according to the Bertoua Prophecy received by Brother Zach FOMUM for all the believers in our community. This is our goal for phase three which must be completed by December 2025! God has called us to obedience to the Santa Cruz Prophecy given to our community for revival in 2007 as a normalisation program for all the believers in our house churches and also to obedience to the Bertoua Prophecy given in 2008 to form the normal program of growth for each house church and the basis for the making of disciples for our Lord Jesus Christ. Phase three has begun, please get to work, begin your phase three immediately!

Encouraging reports of those who have begun working hard in Phase 3 have cheered and are cheering many:

  • the youth in Douala have set Douala on fire with the gospel, preaching to over 600.000 people and over about 10 00 houses in four months, and the fire is spreading to Yaoundé and the other parts of Cameroon under the evangelist Edogue and the youth leaders in Cameroon.
  • The work in France led over 700.people to Christ by Zoom internet platform and have led the way for over twelve distinct ministries on that platform in our work from Canada, Great Britain, Cameroon, Nigeria, Gabon, Uganda etc… A new and distinct way of preaching to the lost has seen the day and is being effectively used.
  • In Garoua, Côte d’Ivoire and other places, a revolution has begun, outreach to families, and family-churches begun to adapt to the confinement measures as testimony that the gospel of God and the victorious church of Christ cannot be confined. Over 1000 house churches and family churches have begun in Abidjan and in Garoua and in other places. The family church movement is catching on. The Holy Spirit has taught His servants to grow, in spite of the global pandemic and the restrictive measures.
  • The Lord is raining encouragements in abundance; the work in France has acquired a 4.5 hectare with 23 habitable units in Val de Saâne as base for the work in France and auxiliary base for the ministry in Europe! surnamed Koumé – Europe! Another Koumé-Dallas in the USA is being negotiated for acquisition, a land and lake surface of over 200 hectares with some property, and a prospective Koumé-Canada of about 50 hectares with existing hosting capacity for over 100 people. Etc… 

God has faithfully provided funds for the allowances of workers and missionaries in spite of the world convention or the covid-19 crunch.

  • Prayer is being lifted up at Headquarters; after the prayer crusade of 123 nights and partial fast of 109 days by over 4000 people, there have been over 30 prayer sieges of between 24hours – 100 hours by the World Conquest Prayer and Fasting Centre. Prayer and fasting are being lifted up to God from the Base, and from the nations for our work and for the critical conjuncture and crisis the world as a whole is going through. Etc. etc…
  • Please bless God for keeping you and for enabling phase 3 goal to be pursued in spite of many set-backs – the global pandemic; the death of heroes and bulwarks of the ministry such as Paul Bello of Garoua, Joseph Besong of Yaoundé and others. 

Join me and all the ministry in the fast from 12th October 2020 to 20th November 2020 as God enables you to thank the Lord for the hosting of the convention and for the effective take-off of phase 3 in spite of the depressive circumstances in the nations. Pray for a focused and victorious spirit for all in our ministry. Also pray for courage and creative ways to win souls, make disciples and plant churches in homes, families and new localities. Pray as follows and as God leads you:

  1. That God will grant each member, leader and missionary of CMFI to lay hold on the goal of Phase 3 at a personal level and that each will believe the goal and work furiously to accomplish it.
  2. That God will enable all the leaders to return to the Santa Cruz prophecy and the Bertoua Prophecy as the program for becoming disciples of Jesus Christ and making disciples for Jesus Christ all over our work in Phase 3.
  3. That a great Revival from God will fall upon all in CMFI during Phase 3 as we obey God according to these prophecies i.e. the Santa Cruz prophecy and the Bertoua prophecy.
  4. That God will lead each leader, missionary or believer in CMFI in bold, innovative, and creative ways to pursue the accomplishment of the goal of Phase 3.
  5. That God will restore multitudes of backsliders from our ministry and enable them to join us in the pursuit of the goal.
  6. That new profiles and distinct ministries will emerge in the work of Phase 3 as we labour to accomplish the goal.
  7. That children, youth, and students will distinguish themselves as disciples and in the making of disciples to accomplish the goal of Phase 3.
  8. That tracts and books will explode in impact and be produced, published, and distributed in abundance to facilitate the accomplishment of the goal of Phase 3.
  9. That our communication media, Radio, TV, internet, and other means will be intelligently and adequately developed to meet the need of the hour and serve us in the rapid and massive winning of the lost, discipling of believers and starting of house churches to accomplish the goal.
  10. That God will grant to us both wisdom and the resources we need to accomplish the goal. The resources of men, leaders, money, properties, means, opportunities, possibilities for movement and displacements etc which we need to move ahead.
  11. That God will bless us with the funds and workforce we need to complete the unfinished buildings at the Base and develop the many auxiliary bases emerging in the work.
  12. That Christian Publishing House (CPH) Koumé will be built and the CPH-global network of publication and distribution put into place to accelerate the effective accomplishment of the goal.

We have become a people!  We have become one people!!  We have become a people of God!!! We have become a people of purpose!!!!  We have become a people of destiny!!!!!

We have proved that counting on God, we can accomplish the goal God has commanded us to pursue.

Let us count on Him!  Let us move as One people!! Let us accomplish the goal!!!

And let us bring glory and greatness to our Exalted LORD JESUS CHRIST.

Yours in the Gospel and the Goal

Theodore Andoseh

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