About His Co-Workers: Prisca Fomum

About His Co-Workers: Prisca Fomum

If we are going to give the world God’s model, we cannot be satisfied that we are doing well.

I am not giving myself a holiday. I see before me all the areas in which I must improve. My meditations are my battles with God to rise to a new standard. So I have been very strict with my wife, fought battled with her and I will continue. If I were doing what many of you are doing I would only praise her. I do not tell people what they’re doing well but what they’re doing badly. .I am only pressing for perfection where I see it possible. It is in that light that you should see my criticism. If I were to compare my wife with the wives of others, women I’ve seen around the world, she would be “hors classe” in her devotion to me and to the work to which God has called us (in giving to God, fasting, and unusual capacity to receive those who come to our home, as well as in her capacity to minister to children). Even though she has occasionally put on some moods, and they have been rare, I’m a king in my house.

On the other hand, I want her now to give herself to prayer and to prayer and prayer, prayer, prayer.

I consider everything else a distraction.

I want to ask the sisters here to learn the following things from Prisca:

The capacity to follow a man without questioning. There’s no day I’ve said, “Let me go ask from Prisca before taking a decision”.

Often she has heard the things when I’ve proclaimed them in public. Some of these things have been the response of the spirit, not the fruit of thinking. You know if you postpone a decision, you lose it. The Holy Spirit is not like the devil who fights and insists. When the Holy Spirit touches, it is just a gentle touch of God, if you don’t move, He goes.

The touch of The Holy Spirit is often just light. The wind, a stillsmall voice when it is strong.

If you’re not sensitive, you’ll always miss the voice of the Holy Spirit.

I want to ask the sisters to leave the leadership totally in the hands of the men. I’ve been the sole leader in my house and we have made progress.

It’s terrible when there are two captains in the boat. Who will have responsibility when the boat sinks?

Prisca has let me lead. You do not see her ‘pork nose’ in the work.

She has never posed as one of the leaders.

She has never wanted a special position.

It is not a work led by Brother Zach and Mrs. Fomum. There would have been confusion

If you make a suggestion, don’t insist it for it to be taken. It is something many wives and sisters need to learn.

In our family, I have controlled the finances single handedly. I have never been asked for any explanation. Prisca believes that I am handling them well. You should believe a man that much. I also want to say there has never been a day when there was no money. In fact it is not possible even in the tomorrow to come that there will be no money to meet the family needs. These are some of the things that a man must guarantee. The plot, house and fence of the house in Bamenda cost 25 million. I just told Prisca that I was putting money into it. So her salary was left into my hands till today. I have never spent any family money without telling her, except my pocket money.

The other thing I want to add, because I find many brothers stingy and some even wicked is that there is no day Prisca said food money was finished and I didn’t give her. A man is to pay bills. If you cannot pay bills resign from being a man. Some brothers are very selfish towards their wives’ families. To them, there is only one family, their own. If youbehave like that you are a beast. Why should you be followed? Then she will want to see where the money goes. It requires proven experience. You have to win a woman’s confidence so that she can relax about the moneys. When we say the man should be allowed to lead, we expect it to be fair leadership.

2nd Missionary training School - Day 3, Yaounde, 13rd July, 1995

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