About His Co-Workers: Brother CKC

About His Co-Workers: Brother CKC

CKC went to Ghana and phoned here in Cameroon. It makes history, good history.


Prayer Night (1) in Brother Zach Prayer Crusade, Yaounde, 28th February, 1997

In Ghana, CKC entered my room over twenty times. He was a stranger there. There are revolutionary information that God gives the right heart. The wrong heart will never know what to do, and even where to start. There can be no service without deep and sustained love.

Prayer Crusade, Yaounde, 1st April, 1998

When I sent brother CKC to bring something for me, he came back sweating because a servant cannot keep the master waiting.

Ivorian Convention Yamousoukro , Yaousoukro, the 17th September, 1999

When CKC went to visit the Ojongs, he left everything he had (his coat, everything, including his bag). It is commitment. He came to Ivory Coast at his own cost to serve. It is just fantastic. He did not just care for me; he sang the Gospel, danced the Gospel and testified.

He joined us in the plane. That is the spirit of a servant. He must be one of the gifts God has given us. When you go as a boss, people don’t like you. As a servant he just got them at his feet.

Tuesday Teaching (Return trip from Abidjan), Yaounde, 21th September, 1999

Since Brother CKC came here, I have more of my needs met. He has been serving since he came. He was there this morning to bring my shoes, to put them on, to help Marie get things packed. Since he will go with us to Cotonou, I have forgotten all needs about everything practical: The luggage, the washing of clothes, shoes... I will wake up and find that my meditation book and my prayer book are on my table. And something happened in Ghana; the brethren were waiting to see me. I had to meditate before seeing them. CKC went many times to see if I had finished meditating before he came to knock at the door.

Yaounde, 29th April, 2000

Brother CKC is not just a servant. He has brought his wife in the whole matter of service.

Limbe National Convention Day-3, Limbe, 26th January, 2002

CKC is a servant.

At midnight, I phoned for a generator to be brought. He said today they will be at the airport with it.

A servant is not somebody caught up with his own interest. He has forgotten himself.

CKC will be teaching my blood children on how to be a servant. An “outsider” has to come and teach children in the house how to serve their father.

14th Session of the School of Knowing and Serving God, Yaounde, 5th March, 2002

Brother CKC is here first of all in his capacity of a son going back to his parents. Then as a brother to Elisabeth to tell her welcome back home. Then, as a co-researcher with Brother Theodore to bring me the plants they have just collected and as a co-worker in World Conquest to bring me information about the Lagos Convention. They have sent me money for my ticket and my translator’s ticket for the December Convention in order to save me from wasting time to pray for tickets instead of praying for the message. He does not know when he will go back. I will tell him when to go back. If not he would not be a servant.

The work of a servant is to lighten the burden of the one he serves.

Yaounde, 28th October, 2002

CKC was the administrator of the Nigeria work when we had the conventions. Brother Theodore took the spiritual decisions, CKC handled all the rest. CKC is like 15 people. He can be utterly tender and he can be like Stern. He can carry 5, 6 bags and run! He never closes his phone. He said, “I’m a servant. How can I close my phone? Do I know when I will be needed?” And he has 2, 3 telephones. That is the office of administrator:

The man who ensures that the whole thing works practically. He is a colossal person, with so many talents and gifts, and the capacity to handle many many people such that they produce something complete.

What is the spiritual importance of it? You had the apostles and the numbers grew. When the administrators were appointed and they took office, Acts 6:7 brings out the impact of their office. Depth in spiritual issues and a bad handling of practical issues is an insult to the God of heaven. As the spiritual issues were well handled and the practical issues well handled, the impact of it was the multiplication.

Yaounde, 11th September, 2007

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