About His Co-Workers: Jacques Yougang

About His Co-Workers: Jacques Yougang

Brother Jacques Yougang knows what it means to be under authority as life. If he is going to be late, he tells me before. If he is going to leave early, he tells me.


Yaounde, 17th February 2000

I spent two hours every Tuesday morning with brother Jacques Yougang to disciple him. He left often crying. It was after that special period that God laid on his heart to publish the books we were writing.

Special Prayer Night, Yaounde, 4th January 2002

First of all, I have rebuked Jacques Yougang more than I have rebuked any other man, and he has not resisted me, nor ran away.

Secondly, in the last 20 years, the first person was Paul Foka but he fell away, who was where I was. Brother Jacques has been where I am more than any other man. We have been in very special difficulties together. (For example, during church planting in Nanga Eboko, Henriette Mbarga collapsed and we had to handle it together with brother Jacques. Also, when brother Jacques and I were crossing the “Ntem river” in a small boat, going to preach the gospel, we asked ourselves, “What if this small boat enters the water and we drown?”).

The last thing is: I know Jacques Yougang will be there. I know he will be there in the future. Even if the boat is shaken, he will be there. Even if it is with tears, he will be there. He will be there. The boat that could take him back has been burnt. If somebody is weak, but he will be there, he is a winner. If someone makes mistakes but he will be there, you can build on him.

Yaounde, 28th February 2002

One thing I did not say about brother Jacques is this: some of the people he built up are there around me.

The Deputy Missionary Secretary

The Financial Secretary for International Missionaries

Which are two critical posts, are his people now in my immediate service.

Yaounde, 28th October, 200

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