About His Co-Workers: Pastor Calvin Ekoh

One of the things that Brother Calvin Ekoh did early, was to put aside one of his key disciples to pray for me.


We came from Gabon with 3. 1 million francs because Brother Calvin has seen. They are now unquestionably leaders. The goal that Calvin set is staggering. Sister Rose Bekale lives for the International Missionary Fund. She put more than 600 000 francs into the gift I brought. She is the foremost giver. She has put a twenty-eight-day fast into it every year, and shorter fasts. She is going on retirement in June to give the rest of her life to fasting and praying that the International Missionary Fund never lack money. I don’t know any other person burdened for the funds of the International Missionary Funds. She lives for it. It is really a grace.

Without her and another brother, what is coming from Gabon would drop to 10%. Thank the Lord for Brother Calvin to whom God has given a vision for funds coming from Gabon into the work.

World Conquest Prayer Night, Yaounde, 14th April, 2003

There was no time Calvin came to see me without his notebook. He has a record of all my trips in Gabon. He is the one who told me, that the trip I just had was my 20th trip there. He brought to me the records. He does not ask to be a leader. Why don’t you do something about it?

Special Prayer Night, Yaounde, 17th March, 2004

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