ZTF Audiobook 111: Making Spiritual Progress (Vol. 3) [Excerpt]

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ZTF Audiobook 111: Making Spiritual Progress (Vol. 3) [Excerpt]
If someone were to approach you and say, “I am a disciple of the Lord Jesus. Teach me to follow all that the Lord has commanded, mold me into a disciple, and guide me in making disciples” how would you to about it?

This profoundly significant audiobook encapsulates the revelations, doctrines, methods, and principles of discipleship. Its primary aim is to assist individuals in experiencing discipleship and, in turn, in guiding others to grow in a manner that equips them to actively engage in the process of making disciples of Jesus Christ.

It is an audiobook worth listening to and recommending to any servant of God who is fully aware of the magnificent mission entrusted to the church by the Lord Jesus Christ: “Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations…”

As you journey through its pages, our prayer is that you may find abundant blessings, enabling you to help others establish profound fellowship both with the Lord and with His people.

Religion & Spirituality
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