About Our Ministry: Starting a University

About Our Ministry: Starting a University

When you want to start a University you appoint a Vice-Chancellor and give him at least five years of work.

A Professor was appointed Vice-Chancellor of a University which took off five years afterwards. So it requires a lot of hard work from now. I see it today better than I ever saw. It is not “University of Prayer,” but “World University of Prayer.” We are offering it to the body of Christ worldwide to be the first University of Prayer since the Lamb walked on planet earth and the first since the Lord prophesied: “let there be light”.

Our ministry is going to accomplish the goal of one billion (disciples of the Lord Jesus). But we are being called to serve beyond our ministry. So get ready, and when the revival comes -that’s where my greatest fear comes- they will turn to us for the making of disciples and we may fail. There are people turning around people without being discipled. It will not be possible to limit it to fifteen students. My heart is caught up not only to 2045; my heart is caught up with the greater event: The meeting in the air. Apart from our work, we have to help the whole church prepare; the whole body, to be without spot, without wrinkle, perfect before Him.

So the University is not “Christian Missionary University,” it is “World University” offered to the World by Christian Missionary Fellowship International. We will start with one hundred students. When the news goes to India, because we taught on prayer in India, people will come from there. One woman in India has read the first six books on prayer six times each. She has a Master’s Degree, but she put it aside and decided to pray. She prays 6 hours a day. They invited me to their home and it is as if they wanted to lie down for me to walk on them. They had been blessed beyond measure. They chewed the books.

We will start with 100 million CFA Francs to begin to build the World University of Prayer. I am asking for students from the whole body in the six continents.

Prayer Crusade

Yaounde, 9th October 2003

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