Healed of piles

Healed of piles
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On Tuesday, 25th October 1984, I went to see off my husband’s friend at the Douala Airport.  When we got there, we discovered that he had forgotten to get his passport signed and so we had to seek help from the Superintendent of Police.  

When we got to the Superintendent’s house, we were received by his wife only, as he was away from home.  His wife, being one of my old acquaintances, began to talk to me about Jesus Christ, how Jesus had saved her from her sins, and that Jesus could do the same for me.  That day she gave me a gospel tract and invited me to an evangelistic campaign taking place in Bonaberi (Douala).  When I read the tract, I was worried because all my wrongdoings were clearly exposed by the tract.

I decided I would attend the evangelistic meeting, and I did.  When I got to the meeting place I became more troubled as I listened to the preacher.  I felt guilty because of my sins.  At the end of the message, a call was made to all who wished to surrender their lives to Jesus so as to have the forgiveness of their sins.  I was the first person to stand up, and on the same day, I got baptized.  On that day, great joy and peace filled my heart and I had the conviction that my sins had been forgiven.  Back home, I told my husband what had happened and he listened to me in astonishment.

My sins had been forgiven, but I had a problem: For a year I had been suffering from piles.  Medical doctors and native doctors had tried in vain to heal me.  The night before I gave my life to the Lord, I went to see a doctor who gave me an appointment on a certain Monday for an operation.  But the Saturday before the date of our appointment, a meeting had been going on for a few days in the church I had been attending.  At this meeting, the sick were prayed for and on that day the Lord Jesus healed me.  Well, when I went to see the doctor on Monday, he examined me and said my illness had disappeared.  In addition to this, Jesus Christ had delivered me from many other things: I used to steal my husband’s money, consult witchdoctors and sorcerers, and drink a lot of alcohol in order to drown my worries and have peace of mind, but in them, I found no solution.  Peace, I have found in Jesus Christ, and my husband rejoices greatly about the changes that have taken place in my life.



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